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Birthday: April 17
Age: 12
Orientations: Biromantic
Species: Elf
Talent: Guster
School: Mysterium Academy
Occupation: Student, budding writer
Location: Lilac Hollow Mansion
Gender: Female
Nationality: Elven
Status: Alive



Zyla has dark reddish-Brown, wavy shoulder length hair with aquamarine eyes. She has tan hazel-nut skin, with a glimmer in eye. Zyla usually wears black.


Zyla is very imaginative and dreamy, loving to play pranks on others. She considers herself outside the rules, but isn't mean and is very loyal. She’s terrible at keeping secrets, because she immeadiately wants to use them in the stories that she writes.


Zyla was born in Mysterium, to Claris and Myron Mios. At age three her little brother, Hover, was born. She had a happy childhood with a caring family, and her parents were happy to hear that Zyla was accepted to Foxfire. Zyla couldn’t care less, as all she wanted to do was write stories. After her first year at Foxfire, she was expelled for not following rules and doing whatever she wanted, whenever, as Zyla is very independent and free-spirited.

Zyla didn’t let this bring her down and worked harder then ever, hoping to someday fulfill her dream of creating a school for the Arts. She joined a small academy where she tried to improve her writing. Hover stayed at Foxfire, and Zyla felt slightly jealous when her parents paid more attention to him. She hasn’t manifested yet, (she is twelve) but continues to work hard in her own independent way.


Mother: Claris Zelpha Mios

Father: Myron Clayf Mios

Brother (younger): Hover Adrin Mios

Zyla has a few distant friends she hangs out with, and one best friend, named Clari Drisco

Zyla has no romances, but her friend Clari insists another boy likes her. Zyla brushes this off.


Zyla is very good at writing and has a big imagination.



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