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Zunairah (Zuna) Carter

Owned and Roleplayed by Schwane

About Zunairah (Zuna) Carter
Full Name: Zunairah Lilac Carter
Parents: Ellie and Jonna Carter
Siblings: None
Friends: Leo Kayar
Nicknames: Zuna, Zoom
Birthday: April 7th
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Personality: Caring, Generous, though she can be evil at times, when she is plotting wether or not to put Farting Serum in someone's Lushberry Juice.


Jonna (Father) Ellie (Mother)

Leo Kayar

Anyone who hates Mallowmelt

Leo Kayar (Crush)



Dark brown shoulder length hair, fair/tan-ish skin, and ice blue eyes

Eye Color: Ice Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Height: 6 Feet
Model: Dua Lipa

coding credits to Z

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