"Elves are stupid and being around them is a horror."

Zara [Zimmermann]










Currently talentless


Blonde Hair

Pale Blue Eyes

4' 6"

Zara has blonde hair and pale blue eyes. Zara's face claim is Lauren Orlando.



Extreme Introvert

Zara was once a mischievous girl, bringing trouble wherever she went. However, it was soon found out that she had a mental problem, and her personality became that of a timid and weak person. She prefers to be on her own a lot of the times, and shuns out others. Very few times does she build up enough trust to warm up to someone, the only instances being her parents and the gnomes. At Exillium, she is looked down upon by the other Waywards, for Exillium attendees are often rough and tough.



The Heidelweiss family has always been in the nobility, though they are not widely known, like the Vackers and the Ruewens. However, the name has been around for a long time, and stuck when Lady Clara Heidelweiss married Lord Millikan Zimmermann. The Heidelweisses being more profound than the Zimmermanns, their child took on the Heidelweiss surname, with Zimmermann as the middle name.

The couple's one and only child was Zara Zimmermann Heidelweiss, and she was more than enough for the family. With all her mischief, she kept the entire household on their toes. However, as Zara got older, her pranks became less of mischief, and more serious. Her parents could not understand her behavior, and once it came to faking going missing, they knew something was wrong.

When taken to doctors, it was found out that there was something wrong with Zara's brain, but it could not be diagnosed. It seemed as if the girl was going mad. It was hard for her to distinguish between what was right and what was wrong, and when asked basic, simple questions, she gave odd answers. She even started having seizures in the middle of the night. When the doctors mentioned that a surgery could help ease her pain, the Heidelweisses were all for it; anything that could make their only daughter normal again.

After the surgery, it seemed that Zara was well again, so she was out and about soon. Busying themselves in their lives once again, assured that their daughter's problem had been fixed, the Heidelweisses did not notice Zara's queer behavior at home. It wasn't like before, no. In fact, this time, her personality seemed the exact opposite. Instead of engaging in mischief, Zara started developing phobias, mainly agoraphobia and anthropophobia. These were to become quite serious in the long run. This was actually a result of incorrect surgical procedures, but nobody noticed, and Zara kept living in her small, isolated world. In fact, if anything, her mental state became worse after the surgery.

Soon enough, it was time for Zara to attend Foxfire. With her fears, she really did not want to go, but her parents were forcing her. Thus, she decided to run away to the forbidden cities. In the midst of her rash thinking, she leaped to Eternalia, and attempted a break-in to get to leaping crystals directing to the forbidden cities. However, she was caught, and a tribunal was held for her.

At the tribunal, the girl was deemed a Wayward, and sent to Exillium. Her previous mental state was not taken into account during the discussion, since the problem had been "solved," and her doctors were very convincing. Her parents, not knowing that she hadn't been acting normally since the surgery, considered the act shameful, and hung their heads as they saw their daughter sent off to the school of the unwanted children.

She now lives with gnome caretakers, since her parents disowned her. The kind gnomes who took her in realized that something was wrong, and tried to make her feel as comfortable as possible in their modest living quarters. She is now eleven-and-a-half, and is still suffering from traumatic seizures from time to time, as a result of her past experiences. The gnomes are trying to help, and are looking for any specialist who would be willing to help the young girl.

Zara was once good at mischievous things, but is not anymore. As of now, her skill sets are hard to define, due to her mental state. She wants to be like other kids at Exillium; tough and able to withstand anything. She tries very hard to do this, but fails miserably. However, she tries her best to stay positive about that, since she has plenty of internal battles to fight. She is currently a talentless.



Zara was once close with her parents, but they later disowned her after Zara's tribunal and sentence.

  • Father
    • Millikan Zimmermann Phaser.png
  • Mother
    • Clara Heidelweiss Vanisher.png Polyglot.png

The other Waywards at Exillium look down upon Zara for being weak. Her nickname at the academy is "Zero Zara," or just "Zero" for short because others consider her a nobody, and good-for-nothing.

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"Elves are stupid and being around them is a horror."
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