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Zahira Shakhalma - ✻ ♬ Defying Expectations ♬ ✻

- Hardship often prepares ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.
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Zahira Shakhalma had always been brave when she was small. When she realized from a young age that she was unlikely to manifest an ability, due to the fact that her parents were both Talentless, she began working on her elven skills. She mastered many of them, including levitation, body temperature regulation, and night vision

Her spirit was damaged, though, when the accident happened. Her little sister, Nahla, fell from the third story balcony of her family's home, Sandvale. Although her sister lived, the elven physicians could not do anything to help the fact that she would be paralyzed from the legs down for the rest of her life. Since then, Nahla hadn't spoken a word.

Zahira became quiet and reserved, never taking risks anymore. She began to feel awkward talking to other people, and ended up being very shy by the time she started at Foxfire.

Then she manifested as a hydrokinetic. It was a surprise to everyone. It helped Zahira realized for the first time in a long time that she had been living her life in a shell. Just a single moment of being noticed led her to want to make friends and start opening up to others.

If only she knew how.

Family Edit

She is very close with her sister, Nahla, although Nahla never speaks as a result of the accident.

Her parents are loving but somewhat timid, and always very acceptive of their fates. Zahira loves them dearly.

Friends Edit


Romance Edit

None, as of right now

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