• This was written before LEGACY!

After everything that happened in Flashback, The Keeper group has been a wreck. Sophie thinks that Tam being taken is her fault, and Fitz has to keep her from breaking. After Biana and Tam had finally become close, he was taken from her, so Biana was always worried about him. Linh was a nervous wreck with worry for Tam, while Wylie tried to console her with his Flasher abilities. Dex has been worried about how the Neverseen treats Tam. Even Keefe held genuine worry for Bangs Boy.

      Sophie and Fitz have been spending a lot of time together mostly to keep Sophie from breaking because of the guilt. They had also built on their relationship. Sophie will have to tell Fitz about her being Unmatchable. And what will happen then? Fitz has a lot on his mind too. He has been thinking about Sophie and all the times she and Biana had almost died. They were the two most important people in his life What if he was too late to save Sophie and Dex at the Four Seasons Tree? What if the Neverseen had gotten her and Keefe after The Black Swan reset Sophie's broken mind? What if he hadn't been able to get Sophie and Councilor Oralie out of burning Oblivimere? What if Sophie, Biana, Keefe, and Linh had never made it out of Ravagog? What if she had been crushed when Lumenaria collapsed? What if Sophie never made it out of Nightfall? What if she hadn't recovered from Umber's shadowflux? There were so many 'What if?'s. Most of the answers would be that he wouldn't be able to live without Sophie. But there were some other 'What if?'s, some that had other answers. better answers. What if Keefe hadn't interrupted his and Sophie's moment under the Panakes tree? What if Silveny hadn't gone into labor so early?

What will happen will Sophie tells Fitz about her Matchmaking dilemma? What will happen when Fitz asks Sophie out? Keep reading to find out!

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