Sophie Foster didn't want to tell anyone, but she had to tell her adoptive parents the horrible news. They insisted she told Fitz but she couldn't bring herself to do it. Sophie decided to moap around in her bedroom eating mallowmelt. It was better than facing the truth.

How could Golden Boy ever wanna date her anymore?

It was impossible he needed to be matched, something she couldn't be. Sophie Elizabeth Foster is unmatchable.

A knock sounded on Sophie's door. She knew it must be Eadline. Or Grady. Or any of her 5 bodyguards. "Come in." Sophie murmured. Only to be greeted with Fitz's crisp accent.

"Edaline told me..." Fitz offered a slight smile at Ms. Foster, but she just turned away.

"What do you want Fitz?" Her voice sounded harsh, but it was just a cover so Fitz Vacker won't hear the true pain in her voice.

"What do I want?" Fitz sighed "I want to save the Vacker legacy. I want to say we're done. I want to be a shallow jerk here or my family. I want to be a good match. I want to never see you again, but Sophie,¨ Fitz tries to grab Sophie's hands, but she rips them away unwilling to show him how shaky they are.

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