Chapter 1

Trixie Dallay tiredly walked through the halls of Foxfire, waiting for class to begin. She always got to foxfire early, just because. Early kids always got on the mentors' good side. Trixie sighed, waiting for everyone to show up.

One by one, kids started trickling through the doors, paired in groups of twos or threes. Some kids walked alone, some walked with a crowd.

Its hard to believe these are the same people who grew up to be nobles or talentless. All two categories. Trixie fat in none. She was more of the one who held them together.

As always, her best friend Kaylelee always walked up to her, and asked her the same question.

"What's up ripplefluff?" She's been saying this since she was 7.

"Nothing much Sucker Punch." The iconic nickname stuck after she stuck up for her about 3 years ago. Gave him a permanent crocked nose.

Things were different now. Trixie was one of the top ten most popular girls in Foxfire, but only had one good friend. All her other "friends" where just there. She never really told anyone all her secrets. Only Kaylelee knew she had another sister. She hadn't seen her since she was 7, and she knew nothing about her.

A shrill bell rang through the halls, alarming all students it was time for class. Kaylelee locked arms with Trixie, and they headed down the halls of foxfire. Boys stared as Trixie flipped her seafoam blue hair. The boys practically fell out.


The Lost Cities was a place of diversity. Shimmering towers and everything sparkly. The elves world was pretty perfect. But Their world was pretty messed up.

Trixie walked into class, looking into the eyes of her mentor. The mentor who pretty much ruined her life.

The best was behind her. it was time to face the hard stuff. Something Trixie wasn't used to doing.

Her identity was changing, and so would their world.

Chapter 2

Trixie walked into alchemy. Lady Delmira sighed as she looked at Trixie.

"Good morning Students." Lady Delmira announced, standing up quickly. She placed 10 silver cubes on a table. "Today we will be turning these metals into 3 states of matter. First, turn it into a liquid. Without heat. Then, a gas. And for extra points, turn it back into a solid. Team up into groups of ten and try to solve this together. Good luck." She looked at Trixie, pleading a silent apology.

Trixie ignored her and started picking teams. Even though 60 percent of her class wanted to be on her team, she chose, Kaylelee -of course-, Dempsey, Lex, Bex, and a few other kids she didn't know also joined them.

She sighed as she relied on teammates to help her through it. Turning a solid into a liquid without heat was almost impossible. But soon, they decided the best way was to use elixirs. They turned it into a gas by using hydrokinetic ability, kudos to Kaylelee. They decided to try and get the extra points, but how do you turn a gas back into a solid? Heat would've been irrelevant, but what about freezing temperatures?

"Hey, Kaylelee, can I try?" Trixie asked, tapping her shoulder.

"Go right ahead. But be careful, Lady Creepface is staring you down." She said, gesturing to her. Trixie shuddered and she put on her goggles. Safety first!

Trixie dragged Bex over to the vial. "What if you froze the gas back into a solid? I mean, we can't use heat, so why not use the opposite?"

Bex smirked and placed her hand on the glass. Soon enough, all the particles sucked together in one tiny orb. Trixie high-fived Bex as they celebrated their victory.

"Will you do the honors? WHAP?" Trixie said to Bex. She washed her hands and brought it to Lady Delmira's desk. Their team was done before anyone else.

We handed in our report paper on how we did it and Lady Delmira glanced at it. She marked it with a promising letter.


Well I guess she didn't hate me. I mean, she still sent my sister to exilium, so I still hate her.

That won't ever change.

I swear.

Chapter 3

I lazily walked down the stairs where my mother was packing. At least 12 gnomes where helping her put dresses in her trunk.

"Heyyy Mommmm." I said, putting my hands behind my back. I ran a hand through my sea-foam blue hair.

"Hello Trixie. Good morning." She said, brushing down my hair. She clicked her tongue at my hair. "Oh honestly. I don't see why you couldn't have stuck with your real hair."

"This is my real hair. Everybody likes it but you." I snapped, pulling away. I glanced at the gnomes, but they quickly turned away, embarrassed of what they had just witnessed. "Anyway.." I said, changing the subject. "Why are you packing?"

"I have an important emissary mission." She said, stuffing one last dress into her trunk.

"Should you really be going on missions? I mean, you wouldn't want that little bun in the oven getting smushed!" I said jokingly.

My mother rolled her eyes. She sat on the trunk to keep all the dresses from popping out.

But the trunk popped back open anyway. All the gnomes grumbled, picking up all the scattered dresses. I bent down and handed one to the gnomes. The gnome leaned in and whispered something in my ear.

"I like your green hair." She winked.

"Thanks." I whispered back.

My mother finally got all the dresses back into the trunk. "That about does it.." She said, putting her hands on her hips. She began talking, but I tuned her out to gaze at her appearance. Her ivory colored dress was layered, with just the right touch of gold glitter. The sweetheart neckline went up to her bronze neck, and her chocolate brown hair fell just above her shoulders in neat waves.

I tuned back into her voice, catching the little sentence that mattered the most. "... The gnomes will help you pack your things, and I'm sure-"

"Wait, what? Where am I going?" I said, holding up my hands. I quickly put them behind my back when I realized the paint was chipping.

"Oh honestly, please listen when I am talking to you!" My mother snapped. Her dress swayed as she walked towards me. "You will be staying with your brother until I get out. Since your father is away helping with the Mermaid Migration, and he won't be back for weeks. I do not trust you home-alone. So don't even think about arguing." She turned away. She opened the front door, and a large Titanoboa was waiting for her.

The gnomes quickly threw her trunks in the glamorous crystal carriage. She gave me a quick hug before hopping into the carriage. "Be safe." She said, hopping into the carriage and slamming the door shut. "Your brother will be here soon to take you to Placidallure."

"Okay, bye Mom." I said, with a smile. I watched as her carriage went out of sight.

This was going to be a longggg weekend.


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