Hello all,

I recently got a message from Luna stating the following: (fine I edited it a big cause some of it was personal)

From the view that I am probably never coming back to this wiki, I was wondering if you could take over all the things I own until I make the final decision to return? For example, my stores. You’re totally free to decline, but you can take help from other users. Basically:

ALL my role play characters. Juniper Kix. She’s a Foxfire mentor for metaphysics. My fanfictions. If you have any ideas for them, you’re free to add them. But basically just answer comments and messages about them, or find someone to write them...? My stores, which I mentioned. You can control them or find someone else.

I will be taking over one of her fanfictions, and will idolaters this once I do.

But please note, if she does come back, she has a complete right to take her stuff back from you.

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