So I think it's finally time I acknowledge this in a formal way.

My health hasn't been the best, both mentally and physically.

I've had more things to do, like animation, my singing club, studying, etc.

So I've decided this.

I'm going to be every other day. It's really been helping my health, and in no longer addicted to the Internet. It's so refreshing... And when I am on, I'm not stressed anymore. Rather, I have fun with the time I do have!

Thank you to all the users who helped me make the decision, and who've supported me since the beginning for me, or the beginning for them. You all know who yoU are.

And no, I'm not leaving. I'm just going on every other day. If I suddenly disappear without notice, it's likely I have something important, and I'm so sorry if that happens.

Love you all,


“There is no one in the entire universe who will be you if you aren't you.” 17:58, April 21, 2019 (UTC)

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