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aka Z ☾✩☽||Queen of Hamsters||☾✩☽

  • I live in Neverland
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Walking on water and reaching for the stars
  • I am Awesome
  • Z the Galaxy means this time has come...

    I'm taking a break for a month... Because it's Ramadan. I'm sososososososososososososo sorry, but something huuuugggeeee came up, and I feel like wiki will be too much on top.

    I'm going to be less active for the next month, and I will long on when I can! I'm so sorry please forgive me everyone!

    I'm not leaving, Judt taking a break.

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  • Z the Galaxy

    So I think it's finally time I acknowledge this in a formal way.

    My health hasn't been the best, both mentally and physically.

    I've had more things to do, like animation, my singing club, studying, etc.

    So I've decided this.

    I'm going to be every other day. It's really been helping my health, and in no longer addicted to the Internet. It's so refreshing... And when I am on, I'm not stressed anymore. Rather, I have fun with the time I do have!

    Thank you to all the users who helped me make the decision, and who've supported me since the beginning for me, or the beginning for them. You all know who yoU are.

    And no, I'm not leaving. I'm just going on every other day. If I suddenly disappear without notice, it's likely I have something important, and…

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  • Z the Galaxy


    March 16, 2019 by Z the Galaxy



    .*begins procrastinating writing this because it's nearly 12:00 midnight and I'm just that tired*

    As you may or may not know, I'm going on vacation on Monday to Friday.

    And I'm not going to have any access to wiki.

    That's right. No responding to messages or anything.

    But after I get back, my activity will go back up! :)

    Yeah, just wanted to get the word out there. :)

    I wish you all the best while I'm gone! :)

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  • Z the Galaxy

    Hello all,

    I recently got a message from Luna stating the following: (fine I edited it a big cause some of it was personal)

    From the view that I am probably never coming back to this wiki, I was wondering if you could take over all the things I own until I make the final decision to return? For example, my stores. You’re totally free to decline, but you can take help from other users. Basically:

    ALL my role play characters. Juniper Kix. She’s a Foxfire mentor for metaphysics. My fanfictions. If you have any ideas for them, you’re free to add them. But basically just answer comments and messages about them, or find someone to write them...? My stores, which I mentioned. You can control them or find someone else.

    I will be taking over one of her…

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  • Z the Galaxy

    Activity Update

    March 7, 2019 by Z the Galaxy

    Hello all,

    I know my activity has been all over the place. And I, truth be told, am sorry for that.

    I got sick this week, and am having a lot of tests and I have to prepare for state, and am having finals soon.

    I'm incredibly sorry for my activity. I hope to become more active soon though! :)


    Okay, I was a wee bit scared to state this in my last blog post, but here it is: I feel a lot less motivated to come on. Wiki used to be my escape from stress, and ow I dread comIng on because I know I'll just have more stress.

    Yes, I love the wiki. Yes, I'm not leaving. But I'm just putting it out there. :)

    But now I'm motivated again, SO LETS HAVE SOME FUN!

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