Attention everyone! It has recently come to my attention that we all have a lot of Roleplay characters, which is a good thing, but a lot of them hardly interact with each other, and myself and the other Admins wanted to change that, thus we came up with a storyline involving all the Roleplay characters! That’s right, all of them! You can chose up to two of your already exsisting characters, or create a new one!

What the Storyline actually is

Ahem, basically a lot of our characters meet, and get trapped in a maze. They then get split up into pairs and/or groups. There will be puzzles, traps, and all kinds of things!


  • You are only allowed two characters to participate. If you wish to switch out your characters, please contact an Admin right away!
  • The deadline to enter is next Monday, January the 28th.
  • You must follow all our Roleplay rules

When can you enter?

As of now, you can message me or one of the other Admins to enter! Please note that you are allowed a maximum of two characters, and they both have to have gone through character Approval first.

Who’s entering?

User User's Character(s)
Light and Bright Adelaide Luciani and Mayuri Spalding
Z Serena Evers and Ethan Parks
Vee Carmen Joyce and Summer Flores
Crystal Destiny Richards And Diego Martins
Rida Juliette Vale and Jaxon Novak
Mallowmelt Aya Edain and Mickey Martin
Sofia Adrijana Glenmark
Roses Maisie and Elyse
Via Kace Wilsonand Briana Atickon
Lexi Stara and Lyanna


Autumn Falls


Celia Colmyre
Betsy Star Tyro
Suldreen Rhea Libra

Thank you for reading this and have an amazing day!

-The Administration Team

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