aka Z ☾✩☽ /Jelly/Zuzu/Zia/Fairy/Super Z!

  • I live in Neverlannd
  • I was born on July 25
  • My occupation is Student/Neverland Fairy/Awesome Person/wiki member/optimist/positive person/lover of miraculous ladybug/why are you still asking?
  • I am An awesome person
  • Bio "Have hope. Because hope is always there when you truly think about it."
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  • Z-FunWithBooks

    Maze Roleplay!

    January 28, 2019 by Z-FunWithBooks
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  • Z-FunWithBooks

    - Friends=

    - Enemies=

    - Romances=



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  • Z-FunWithBooks

    New Storyline!

    January 21, 2019 by Z-FunWithBooks

    Attention everyone! It has recently come to my attention that we all have a lot of Roleplay characters, which is a good thing, but a lot of them hardly interact with each other, and myself and the other Admins wanted to change that, thus we came up with a storyline involving all the Roleplay characters! That’s right, all of them! You can chose up to two of your already exsisting characters, or create a new one!

    Ahem, basically a lot of our characters meet, and get trapped in a maze. They then get split up into pairs and/or groups. There will be puzzles, traps, and all kinds of things!

    • You are only allowed two characters to participate. If you wish to switch out your characters, please contact an Admin right away!
    • The deadline to enter is next…

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