Okay, so theres this rlly long jewish holday coming up that's gonna prevent me from coming on here too much. So, here's my schedule for the next 2 weeks...

Sunday, sept 23 is the day before it starts so its a preperation day so im gonna be on and off

Monday and tuesday, sept 24 & 25 is the first half of the holiday so im not gonna be on and if i am it's only on tuesday night

Wednesday, thursday, friday sept 26, 27, 28 is sort of like a "break" in the middle of the holiday cuz it's split in half. But we don't have school, so my parents try to take us on trips. I wont rlly know how often il be on for those days

Saturday sept 29 is also a break in the holiday but im just never on the wiki on saturdays...

Sunday sept 30 the day before the holiday starts up again aka another preperation day so ill be on and off

Monday and tuesday oct 1 & 2 is the 2nd half of the holiday and i wont be on the wiki at all and even if i am its only tuesday night

wednesday oct 3 holiday is over but we get the day off from school. Yay! So i'll basically be on the whole day

Thursday oct 4 I go back to school....

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