Hello everyone. This is an important message:

*I will be taking down my profile as I won't be that active, and I'm also planning some new code*

I will not be typing a full rant for this, but I am leaving this wiki for a while. Yes, I will be active and keep in touch, but I won't be finishing any fanfictions, roleplaying, or doing anything until I return. I'm sorry for everyone who will miss me, but my school life and factual writing comes first, especially in this world that you need skills in.

Here are some reasons;

1) I'm in Geometry 1 Honors in 7th grade, which is a 10-11 grade class. It is difficult to cope with the pace it's taught at, so I don't have time.

2) It's becoming an obsession. I can't keep going on the wiki and seeing what's happening.

3) *This is a note* I will not be editing my fanfictions, or roleplays. Please do not ask me.

4) *Another note* You can still talk to me! I have time to check my wall.

5) My stores are still open! Order from me whenever, it'll just take me longer.

Thank you to everyone who made my short time on this wiki warm, wonderful and beautiful. I wish you all the best future and the brightest times of your life. If anything is wrong, let me know! I hope all of ya'll grow up to be strong and powerful and fight for what you're worth.


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