So I'm making a SoKeefe fanfic, and I just wanted ideas for my fanfic. I'm not giving anything away yet, but remember, it's SoKeefe!

I've never made a blog post, but I think I'll make a form of some sorts and you can message me your answers. Basically, if I choose to use your moment(s), I'll credit you and use all the things listed in your form. 

Before I make the form--my fanfic is called Sophie Sencen. I'm waiting until I get a cover before I post it, and I'll ask around for a few tips, but I've written a couple chapters that I'm waiting to post.

I'm sure I'll run out of ideas, hence the reason I'm holding this "contest" that I will close once my fanfic ends. Thanks to everyone who participates! 

Please read my fanfic before you participate!

  • If no one participates, I'll just close down my fanfic until I get ideas*

Form- I will fill it out with an example just in case

Name of user: Luna/TheBookWorm22

Characters included in the moment: {If you have made-up characters, write a bio for them so I can use them in my story.}  Keefe, Sophie, Atlantis citizens (Mingling)

Events in the moment: {What occurs during the moment?} Keefe says he trusts Sophie

Would this be a chapter or part of a chapter: {Totally up to you! If you'd like, you could make part of the chapter}  This moment must have some build-up, so yes, a complete chapter

Plot twist: {If any}  Fitz sees them

It could be any moment, such as a Marella and Sophie meeting moment, anything.

Thank you all for reading this boring page! If this isn't how you write a blog post... whoops. I just want ideas for later. Thanks!


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