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  • TheBookShelf

    Leaving for real

    March 6, 2019 by TheBookShelf

    I know a bunch of people are leaving. And it’s so sad to see all my internet friends, who may or may not be real, leave. But sometimes life goes on and people need breaks. I just want all you guys to know that someone is out there for you-it doesn’t have to be a parent. Spilling your feelings to anyone helps you out so much, rather than keeping them inside of you for no one to here.

    NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. Don’t let anyone bring you down, because they’re sinply insecure about themselves. No one is paying attention to your mistakes, just their mistakes. Please, please PLEASE don’t let what someone says get you down. They aren’t worth crying over. What matters is you, your friends and your family.

    Everyone is special. I’m not going to go al…

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  • TheBookShelf

    Actually leaving

    February 21, 2019 by TheBookShelf

    Um I’m leaving the wiki. Just like Lei. It’s too much pressure to be doing role plays and hw at the same time.

    I’ll be back, and this time I’m serious. I’m actually leaving. But I’ll be doing admin duties on other wikis when I need to, but I’m not going to be that active.

    It’s really hard coping with everything that’s going on right now, and I just need to let go of a couple things.

    I hope y’all have a bright future! Talk to you guys soon. I’ll miss you.


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  • TheBookShelf

    I will not be typing a full rant for this, but I am leaving this wiki for a while. Yes, I will be active and keep in touch, but I won't be finishing any fanfictions, roleplaying, or doing anything until I return. I'm sorry for everyone who will miss me, but my school life and factual writing comes first, especially in this world that you need skills in.

    Here are some reasons;

    1) I'm in Geometry 1 Honors in 7th grade, which is a 10-11 grade class. It is difficult to cope with the pace it's taught at, so I don't have time.

    2) It's becoming an obsession. I can't keep going on the wiki and seeing what's happening.

    3) *This is a note* I will not be editing my fanfictions, or roleplays. Please do not ask me.

    4) *Another note* You can still talk to me…

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  • TheBookShelf


    January 8, 2019 by TheBookShelf

    So I'm making a SoKeefe fanfic, and I just wanted ideas for my fanfic. I'm not giving anything away yet, but remember, it's SoKeefe!

    I've never made a blog post, but I think I'll make a form of some sorts and you can message me your answers. Basically, if I choose to use your moment(s), I'll credit you and use all the things listed in your form. 

    Before I make the form--my fanfic is called Sophie Sencen. I'm waiting until I get a cover before I post it, and I'll ask around for a few tips, but I've written a couple chapters that I'm waiting to post.

    I'm sure I'll run out of ideas, hence the reason I'm holding this "contest" that I will close once my fanfic ends. Thanks to everyone who participates! 

    Please read my fanfic before you participate!

    • I…
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