Hello all! You've probably seen the new fanfiction link hubs, and when you click the drop-down, all the fanfictions pop up!

Slight issue, we don't have enough time to get all the fanfiction into the gallery, that would be around 100 of them.

So we are asking you to put all of your fanfictions up on whatever hub they should be on. Remeber, a fanfiction can belong to multiple hubs. Feel free to ask a admin if you are unable to do this, but it would be a huge help to the remodel.

How to Do

  1. Open the drop-down on the link hub you want to add your fanfiction too.
  1. Click add to gallery.
  1. Click add photo
  1. Search what you named your cover, if you don't have one, search NOCOVER
  1. Check the picture
  1. Click select
  1. For Describe, put the name of the fanfic
  1. For Page, put the name of the page.
  1. Click done.
  1. Then Click Finish

End Note

Thanks for all the help!

Cheers and have a great day!

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