I told you it was never a goodbye :). It was always a 'see you later!". And so I decided to come back and meet that promise.

Okay, so you're all probably wondering what happened that made me come back . So let's skip back to when I originally left.

I'm pretty sure I mentioned I only left because of stress, from all the classes I used to do, most of which I hate. Plus the added stress from school. And a piano recital. And the upcoming soccer season. Yeah, I had a lot on my plate.

So I finally talked to my mom about all of my stress, and reached an agreement. I'm dropping the classes I hate, and my parents promised to let me take care of my own schoolwork, on the belief that I'll be responsible enough. And it's working! No one nags me about schoolwork, and all my homework/tests are being turned in. My grade average is doing pretty good, and I ended the trimester on a pretty good note.

So I'm left with quite a bit of time of my hands. And after looking at all my possible options, I decided to rejoin FANDOM. I know you're all thinking this is probably the seventy hundredth time I've left/returned. But I never want to leave, I just need to do what's best for my future, which means focusing on school.

I want to start of slow at first, in hopes that I can finally pick up my activity. I'm glad I'm returning, I've really missed you all.

To end off this super long rant, I'm officially coming back, and hopefully staying.

We all knew that the peace and quiet from me leaving wouldn't last forever ;)

Two can keep a secret if one's dead
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