So, I think I'm putting More Than Cognates on hold right now. Sorry—I know I said I would write Part Three soon, and I haven't. But, don't worry, I'm not putting fanfiction on hold entirely! I'm just losing my inspiration with that piece, and I've had an idea for a new one

I started a new fanfiction that I hope you guys will like. It's set in the future with the characters paired off and some of them with children. I'm just kind of playing around here and having some fun, but you guys might enjoy it. I'll post what I have so far soon. You can look for it under the title Ship Shenanigans once it's released.

Thank you guys, for all your support with my fanfiction. It means a lot to me, and I probably would have given up fanfiction without it. I know I don't write a lot—school is crazy—but you make me want to improve as a writer and keep writing.

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