Hellooooo everyone. I've got a slightly different blog planned today, and I think you guys will have some fun with this one. I've got two contests that I am going to throw out there, and both are fun ones!

Part One: Cover Contest

So, if you've been keeping up... If Love Ever Lied has multiple cover artists, between it as a series, and its books. Two of the three have covers, but one still needs a cover... ILEL Book 1: Where I Am. It might seem a weird concept at first, but trust me, there is a very specific reason I am doing this :) Anyone can give it a try, and the prize? The best covers will be featured on the series page of ILEL as well as Where I Am! Here's my little list of requirements:

  • Include the book title - Where I Am
    • Bonus if you note that it is ILEL Book 1
  • Credit me as Sophie MC
  • Credit yourself (whoever you may be :) as the cover artist
  • The tagline is So you know where I am...
  • The cover theme is soulmates

Part Two: Collab Contest

This one is unrelated to the above, but this one is also fun. The prize and rules are different here though. The prize is... getting to write a fanfic with me :) And the rules:

  • Elevator pitch an idea to me for a fanfic you'd think would be cool to write about. Yes, it still will be in the scope of KoTLC.
    • A bit about me: I prefer OC and Future fanfics (bonus for both). I love having some forbidden love in there. I also like characters with double lives or perhaps a dark secret that everyone would die to know. I am also highly into girls empowering other girls (this without question).
  • The best three will be considered and may or may not come to be :O You'll know by the time Verse 3 of Renaissance comes out ;)


Feel free to leave questions here, or on my message wall :) If you decide to participate, good luck!

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