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  • I live in mentally in europe
  • My occupation is i think this is obvious
  • I am waiting for ESC 2019 <3
  • Bio i'm a survivor. i'm a warrior. i am me.
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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Hellooooo everyone. I've got a slightly different blog planned today, and I think you guys will have some fun with this one. I've got two contests that I am going to throw out there, and both are fun ones!

    So, if you've been keeping up... If Love Ever Lied has multiple cover artists, between it as a series, and its books. Two of the three have covers, but one still needs a cover... ILEL Book 1: Where I Am. It might seem a weird concept at first, but trust me, there is a very specific reason I am doing this :) Anyone can give it a try, and the prize? The best covers will be featured on the series page of ILEL as well as Where I Am! Here's my little list of requirements:

    • Include the book title - Where I Am
      • Bonus if you note that it is ILEL Book …

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Hello everyone! It is I, Sophie, back again with another blog. Today, I'm going to talk about Character Approval, and this blog will mostly be the 101 on getting characters approved and ready for RP!

    Character Approval is a new approval system put in place to ensure that no character is overpowered or unrealistic. Overpowered characters can actually ruin an RP by being simply that: overpowered. Ensuring that these kinds of characters don't come to be as early as possible is essential to keeping RP fun and fair. Unrealistic characters are a different issue; these characters usually don't make sense in the realm of KoTLC, and while they are less of an issue as compared to overpowered characters, it is still best to ensure that such characters…

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    The Best View

    October 29, 2018 by Sophia McLaren-Cobb
    ...comes after the hardest climb.
    credit to vee :)

    You know, sometimes, I never really consider inspirational quotes for beginnings. But this is particularly true in this case. You see, some two weeks ago, a lot of things came to a halt due to issues with plagiarism. But since that time, there has been so much work done, and so much recovery made by not just myself, but a lot of others (i am looking specifically at a few people who know who they are :) too. And now, I am more than happy and proud to announce... Roleplay is officially back and open for business!

    Yes, yes it is back. And I know a lot of people (including myself!) have been looking forward to this. But settle down, I've got a lot more to tell, including a lot of what has changed …

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    Hello hello, it is I, Sophie! I've got more hot takes for you guys today (or tonight rather, seeing how it is late for me at the moment)! (and by hot takes, i mean announcements)

    It's been a long ride, but Roleplay is almost back! There's just a very small few things that the admins and I need to get ironed out and then... it's go time. But, while we're still finishing up everything, there's a few things that are important (in my opinion) for a smooth ride into Roleplay once again. Of course, I wouldn't force it upon anyone to do this, but if you choose to, you're more than welcome to get involved!

    • First things first, we need older elves. We need Foxfire Mentors, we need Councillors, we need everything. Yes, we will have a Council, and yes, F…

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  • Sophia McLaren-Cobb

    A Clean Slate

    October 21, 2018 by Sophia McLaren-Cobb
    oh hi there.

    How are you guys doing today? For those not already introduced with moi, I'm Sophie. And I bring news: we most definitely will have RP up soon enough, because there's been a lot of progress made, so it's fact at this point that the wait will not last much longer. But with all that said, there's been a decision made to hopefully reset everything, or start on a clean slate if you will. Now, I realize not everyone would ideally want to get rid of their entire character list, so I'll keep this short and simple.

    Comment down below (or message moi) with a list of all the characters you would like to delete. Order doesn't matter, and the size of the list doesn't either. Now, if there are characters you want to keep, don't list them :) …

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