Hey there, everybody! I'm back with a new announcement (boy are there so many these days). As you all know, in order to be able to roleplay with a character, you must have them approved beforehand by a user with authorized rights. However, something both I and the adminstration team have been noticing is that many approval forms are often created then left to rot away for a few weeks before roleplayers come back to fill them. Unfortunately, not only does this create an unnessacary amount of approval forms lying around for waste, but also hurts the character the approval form is for. Hey, I'm sure I'm not the only one that hates to be forgotten, right?

But moving on.

So, what's the solution to this?

A deadline!

(shush the booings, I know how you all feel. school deadlines are already enough to handle with T_T)

But believe me when I say that it will enhance the amount of characters getting approved and make us all more productive! This way, many approval forms can be completed, there aren't endless amounts lying around, you get to roleplay faster, and characters won't be forgotten and hurt!

Seems to me like a win-win.

And what's the deadline, you're asking? ( shhh, I'm a Telepath, but don't tell anyone.)

Ahem. Moving on again.

Users now have exactly 2 weeks to fill out a character approval form and may have a maximum of exactly one unfilled character form lying around. Admins will be keeping track of the amount of character approval forms you have unfilled and how long they have remained unfilled. Forms that are left unattended for more than two weeks will be denied.

Hopefully, this way, we're all more efficient in roleplaying! And also help for school deadlines as well!

(you all can thank me later.)

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