Only they make me gape in awe

And I am the only one who sees the true beauty in them

Sunsets with blinking, golden shades and beautiful pink eyes

Phenomena that come every day

But only show their talent every once in a while, hiding it for most of the time

From the wide picture windows, one can see them, but none in my family ever notices these tranquil beings

Their very being stems from impurities

But due to these very impurities, they disappear

They run away, depriving the earth of their tranquility, making the human race erupt in madness

Believe it or not, this is how they stay this way.

Let them be forgotten, they shall hold no purpose on this planet.

Stay, stay, stay, the sunset says when it comes around. They speak.

Whenever I’m sad and I need it, they always come to help me.

When there is no more negativity left

They that always come better than before

They that stay pretty and do not forget to stay pretty.

They who’s only reason is only to please others.

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