Hello all,

Exillium is to start tomorrow, and we hope that all you role-players are excited! However, there are some things that must be gone over before the role-plays start.

First of all, the schedule. As you may or may not have seen on the main Exillium page, there is a schedule that has been posted. If you have not seen it already, here it is (click on the images to expand them):


This first week will be focused on breath control, one of the basic skills in the Elvin world. Your Waywards' coaches will tell your students should be doing to practice this skill. That brings us to the second topic of discussion: roleplaying your Waywards.

Like in the Foxfire roleplay, the classes of the day will be posted on the front page. There will be different links for every week and hemisphere. Below are the links to all the roleplay pages that will be used over the course of this term of Exillium.

It is not mandatory for your characters to attend all weeks of Exillium, as this is meant to be a fun experience. However, when your character does attend, you must list their name under the section titled "Attendance" on the page they will be roleplaying on. The image below shows this more clearly.


And finally, we come to the third point of discussion. If you have any leftover forms for your characters, we strongly recommend that you finish them by today. If they are not completed, then your character cannot roleplay throughout this next week. If you submit your forms during the term, your character will only get to start participating the week after you finish your form. However, if the form is unedited by the owner for more than two weeks, the form will have to be denied.

We hope that you all have fun over the next two months of our Exillium roleplay! If you have any questions, please feel free to message an admin or comment below on this blog post.


The Administration Team

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