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This announcement is to clarify some things about the current status of the roleplay world on this wiki. This includes the war status, the status of rebel groups, the status of the law, the status of prejudices, and the status of the currently famous Elvin families.

1) This roleplay universe exists 1,000 years after the latest KotLC book; nothing that has happened in the books is to be dubbed "recent."
2) The Black Swan members, who used to be an illegal organization, are helpers of the council and are undercover agents (similar to emissaries). They are no longer banned in the Lost Cities.
3) The Neverseen are assumed to have been vanquished, and are not to rise up again anytime soon.
4) Pyrokinesis is still an ability that is frowned upon, but isn't under the category of "banned" anymore; one can still train with it in Foxfire Academy.
5) Prejudices still exist, though discrimination is less common.
6) The Keeper Team, including Sophie, Biana, Fitz, Dex, Keefe, Linh, Tam, Wylie, and Marella, is idolized, so any mention of them is not prohibited.
7) The Vacker family is still very prominent in the Elvin world.

This information will be posted for public reference on the roleplay help page and the roleplay policies page.


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