Hello all!

I think most of you know what this blog is all about.

The big reveal.

The moment when you know you've either won or lost.

Or... the moment when you don't really care because this doesn't really matter in real life.

Either ways, we have found our winners for the maze roleplay! Each team was graded according to the following rubric:

  • Correctness (x/10)
  • Validity of the claim (y/10)
  • Effort put into the answer (z/10)

The puzzle makers, Light & Bright and Z-FunWithBooks, conferred with each other, and decided on what each side's grades should be according to the above standards.

So without further ado, here are the scores (for Group One only):

Team One

team's answer: shadows

correct answer: yeti pee

score x (out of ten) 8/10
Score Y (out of ten) 8/10
Score Z (out of ten) 7/10
Total Score 23/30
Average Score 7.67

Team Two

team's answer: all abilities

correct answer: all abilities

score x (out of ten) 9.5/10
Score Y (out of ten) 9/10
Score Z (out of ten) 8.5/10
Total Score 27/30
Average Score 8.83

So the winner is....

Team #2! Congratulations to them! And congratulations to all of you who participated!

For those of you in the next group, these will be your teams, and they will start roleplaying on Wednesday, 12 AM, UTC.

G R O U P #2

Team #1 Team #2 Team #3
Mayuri Spalding Serena Evers Diego Martins
Aya Edain Carmen Joyce Jaxon Novak
Briana Atickon Stara Lee Elsye Dale


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