Hello all!

As you may have noticed, maze puzzles have just been put up! And now, it's time for you guys to solve them!

Answers have to be at least 5 sentences long. On Tuesday, February 12, 12 AM UTC, your answers have to be completed, and the pages will be locked.

You may structure your answers whichever way you want, but remember that the more in-depth you go,

Your team will be scored based on the following:

  • Correctness (of course :P)
  • Validity of the claim
  • Effort put into the answer

The puzzles have been put up on the following pages:

As a reminder, here are the teams for group #1:

Team #1 Team #2
Ethan Parks Adelaide Luciani
Summer Flores Mickey Martin
Destiny Richards Maisie Graham
Juliette Vale Rhea Libra
Lyanna Forest Autumn Falls
Celia Colmyre Kace Wilson
Star Tyro Adrijana Glenmark


The Administration Team

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