Hello all,

As you all know, Foxfire roleplay will commence on the vernal equinox (northern hemisphere)/autumnal equinox (southern hemisphere), which is the 20th of March. Note that the school timings will be according to the eastern time zone of the Americas (EST).

Due to the ever-closer start date of the academy, it is important to note certain deadlines for Foxfire. Since Foxfire starts on March 20th, things need to be finalized by the 17th, which is St. Patrick's Day. In order for things to be finalized by then, all mentor and student application forms must be turned in by the 14th. This means that any forms not finished by the end of this day (EST) will be archived.

So, make sure to finish up all your student and mentorship forms! If your Councillor interviewer is taking too long to respond, then please let the owner know. If it has been more than a week since their last contribution on the page, you may request a change of interviewer.

The first term of the Foxfire roleplay will end on the summer solstice (northern hemisphere)/winter solstice (southern hemisphere), which is on the 21st of June. This leaves 13 weeks of the term to be role-played.

The following will be the approximate schedule of Foxfire:

Duration Dates
Orientation 3 days Mar. 20th - 22nd
First Half 4 weeks Mar. 25th - Apr. 19th
Midterms 2 weeks Apr. 22nd - May 3rd
Midterm Break 1 week May 6th - May 10th
Second Half 4 weeks May 13th - Jun. 7th
Finals 2 weeks Jun. 10th - Jun. 21st

Prodigies will receive their mid-term grades sometime during the midterm break. They will receive their final course grades in the week after Foxfire officially ends. Students' grades will be kept in the Foxfire archive.

The schedule has been designed to be very relaxed due to the following:

1) This term will be more of an experiment than anything else.
2) We still do not have too many students that signed up.
3) The administration is deliberating the possibility of an Exillium roleplay (yay)!

Now, for some more practicalities.

In Foxfire, on each day there is a morning session and an afternoon session. However, to suit the wiki's needs, the schedule will be changed slightly to fit user's activity levels and needs.

Each day will either include the morning session + lunch, or the afternoon session + study hall.

The following calendar diagram should explain things better (click to expand):


For user-base convenience, the day of week and time of day will be posted on the front page of the wiki for the entire duration of the Foxfire term. It will be listed under a special section labeled "Foxfire Roleplay."

As for detention and other things, these can be role-played on any day of the week, so long as Foxfire is in session.

So as you guys may or may not know, for this term, sessions are to be held in combination classes, where the gremlins and halcyons, mastodons and dragons, saber-tooth tigers and yetis, and flareadons and unicorns are in classes together. The schedules for each of these combination classes are below.

Combination Links

Lunch and Study Hall Links

Levels One and Two

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Session Agriculture Multispeciesial Studies Alchemy Elementalism Elvin History
Afternoon Session Physical Education Ability Detecting/SAFS The Universe Ability Detecting/SAFS Metaphysics

Levels Three and Four

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Session Elvin History Metaphysics Agriculture Alchemy Elementalism
Afternoon Session Multispeciesial Studies SAFS Physical Education SAFS The Universe

Levels Five and Six

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Session Elementalism Agriculture Elvin History Multispeciesial Studies Alchemy
Afternoon Session The Universe SAFS Metaphysics SAFS Physical Education

Levels Seven and Eight

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Morning Session Alchemy Elementalism The Universe Metaphysics Physical Education
Afternoon Session Agriculture SAFS Elvin History SAFS Multispeciesial Studies

Have fun roleplaying!


The Administration Team

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