Hello all,

As the date comes closer and closer, some things regarding Foxfire need to be decided in preparation for the vernal equinox.

First of all, as of now, the final students and teacher lists are up, them being both below and on the Foxfire page.

But before you scroll down to see the final mentor and student lists, there are some topics that must be addressed, them being:

  • Topic #1: Class navigation for students
  • Topic #2: Curriculum and Syllabi for mentors
  • Topic #3: So where do I start?

Click the button on the right to see the content of the first topic; student navigation.

There are schedules for the students in the last blog announcement and on the main Foxfire page (under the "Schedule" heading), though one may find them hard to follow. Thus, a system has been implemented on the front page for knowing where to go in regards to Foxfire.

On the side rail of the front page, you should see something like the image on the right. It is under the "Live chat" label and above the "Recent blogs" label.

It should tell you which lesson to go to for each combination class. It should also tell you whether that particular day is for the lunch roleplay or the study hall roleplay.

The main Foxfire page should also have this information.

All users who own roleplay mentor characters must read this topic before proceeding.

All those who roleplay as mentors will receive messages regarding their mentor's specific classes, but this should encompass the broader range of knowledge one must know before reading the messages.

Firstly, mentors must read the syllabi of each subject. The syllabi for all subjects are in the list below. Special ability focus sessions will be described later.

After reading the syllabus, if you are a mentor for that subject, you may add in details that you think will fit with the topic so that teaching it will come easier.

Now three mentoring issues will be addressed: classwork, homework, and examinations:

  • Classwork
    • If the class is an instructional subject (all excluding physical education, ability detecting, and SAFS), during class, assign groups for a research project.
    • If the class is ability detecting, think up humane ways in which one could test whether an elf has a certain ability or not.
    • If the class is physical education, demonstrate a skill from the syllabus, and ask the students to practice it.
    • If the class is SAFS, then go based off of what is already known about the ability, and do what you can. If you are not sure what this means, please ask an administrator.
  • Homework
    • No homework this term! (pilot term) However, if students do not think they will finish their classwork during class time, they may work on it outside of designated school hours or during study hall.
  • Examinations
    • If the class is an instructional subject (all excluding physical education, ability detecting, and SAFS), assign a short answer question for the midterms and finals. The answers to these questions must be at least one paragraph long.
    • If the class is ability detecting, there is no examination.
    • If the class is physical education, ask each student to demonstrate any random skill from the syllabus.
    • If the class is SAFS, then test the student(s) on a skill related to the ability, and do what you can. If you are not sure what this means, please ask an administrator.
    • All exams are to be graded on a scale of 0% to 100%.

As a mentor, one is expected to teach the class by:

  • Listening to students
  • Reviewing the basics
  • Asking them questions and such
  • Letting the students ask you questions
    • If a student asks you something you do not know the answer to and has no specified answer in the KotLC books, you can either ask them to read their textbook to find the answer or you can make something up (within reason).
  • Talking to them about basic knowledge of the subject (if you aren't sure, consult the Lost Cities Keeper Wiki for a brief overview of a topic)
  • Assigning a short project that can be completed in a short time frame.

Click the button on the right to know the next steps regarding Foxfire (students and mentors).
On Wednesday, March 20th, 2019, 12:00 AM EDT, Foxfire's opening ceremonies and orientation will commence. This means the following:
  • Mentors will not be involved; just the students
  • Councillors and the Magnate will facilitate the introductions.

Students will only be required to listen to and follow the instructions given by the adults.

The roleplay will occur here. One of the approved adults will start it.

Gremlins (11-12)

Selene Sky-Jaden,
Lerato van den Berg,
Khai Phan,
Erica Kim,
Aja Lee

Halcyons (12-13)

Clove Christansan

Mastodons (13-14)

Madeline Moran,
Amias Arrowood,
Mari Llewelleyen,
Swan Emerson,
Adrijana Glenmark

Dragons (14-15)

Lara Grey,
Demelza Auditore

Tigers (15-16)

Sakura Day

Yetis (16-17)

Ren Orra

Flareadons (17-18)

Rhianna Brandt

Unicorns (18-19)

Gremlin Halcyon
One & Two
Mastodon Dragon
Three & Four
Tiger Yeti
Five & Six
Flareadon Unicorn
Seven & Eight
Ability Detecting Lady Kix n/a Lady Kix n/a
Agriculture Lady Arriosha Lady Delaremi Lady Arriosha Lady Mirjah
Alchemy Master Vacker Master Vacker Lady Opal Lady Opal
Elementalism Lady Abrahamsson Lady Abrahamsson Sir Sarak Lady Abrahamsson
Elvin History Lady Morrison Lady Delaremi Lady Morrison Lady Kim
Metaphysics Lady Kix Lady Kix Lady Kix] Lady Mirjah
Multispeciesial Studies Lady Delaremi Lady Delaremi Lady Delaremi Lady Delaremi
Physical Education Lady Jennings Lady Delaremi Lady Jennings Lady Jennings
The Universe Sir Dante Lady Delaremi Sir Dante Lady Kim

The Special Ability Focus Session course offered at Foxfire, otherwise known as SAFS, is an integral part of the Foxfire curriculum. Since students that go to Foxfire all have different abilities, the academy will do it's best to accommodate this diverse array of talents.



**Each user who role-plays a mentor will receive a confirmation message regarding the job. If you roleplay a mentor and do not receive this message, please contact an administrator


The Administration Team

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