Hello all,

There have been a lot of announcements recently, and all for good reason. This is a blog to sum up all these announcements in one post, due to the fact that only one announcement can be made public at a time.


This is the most urgent matter of the three, and thus, comes first in this post.

A month ago, this wiki got a fresh new set of administrators, and all user rights were changed... on the wiki. Unfortunately, problems arose from this on discord, because the old administrators still had the same rights, and those rights could not be removed [due to technical difficulties].

As a result, this wiki will have a new discord server! (Some of you may already know this, and have transferred already, but listen on, as there is more.)

The new discord server has already been embedded in the side-rail of the wiki, so all you have to do is click "Connect" and you're at the new one.

In the old discord, you may have noticed things such as the following:

  • There were no rules
  • There were no bots
  • There weren't many channels
  • There were no roles that could be changed
  • There were no levels

This new server has all of the above and more! Here is a little more information on what is there:

Old Server New Server
Rules channel didn't exist. Rules that align with this wikia's policies and guidelines were laid down.
Bots weren't on the server. Two bots are currently on the server: MEE6 and Tatsumaki. Both are being used for welcoming users and leveling up of active users. Hopefully more will come and help out us users!
Channels were few. There are now several channels for several different topics, thus encouraging creation of different types of Fanon content! And before you ask, yes, there is a spam channel. ;)
No dynamic roles. Before, there were only fixed roles; bureaucrats were nobility, administrators were mentors, and everyone else was a prodigy. Now, others who have a lot of knowledge of discord can volunteer to be server moderators, and other users can level up! More information in the next row.
There were no rewards for users who were active. On the new server, user roles will change according to what their MEE6 level! More in the #level-guide channel.


As you may know, Foxfire Academy applications have begun! And while some of you have already started on your application forms (and finished with approval), there are still some things that need to be cleared up.

1) Characters may only apply if they already have a character application form. Go here to make one, and go here to find out more regarding instructions.
2) Elite Students: All role-players who enter characters into the nobility and have passed the first phase of the application process will receive this message on their wall regarding next steps. More information on this page.
3) Character Display: All characters who are admitted into foxfire will be inputted into this template, which will be updated onto multiple pages.
4) Mentor Display: Currently there is no application form for mentors; the creation of which is currently a top priority for administrators. More information will be sent out later to those who have signed up for this job. You may sign up by commenting on this blog. Mentors who have signed up will be displayed here, and once approved, will be here and the main Foxfire page.

Also, we are still in need of possible mentors! Anybody in the adult category qualifies, and you can still be a mentor even if you have enrolled a student! Make sure to contact an administrator if you'd like to sign up!

In addition, most of the students who have signed up so far are in the middle levels. Don't be scared to put your character in levels one, two, six, and/or eight!


The winner of the maze roleplay for group #1 is team two

Both teams were graded based on the following rubric:

  • Correctness (x/10)
  • Validity of the claim (y/10)
  • Effort put into the answer (z/10)

These are the scores:

Team One

team's answer: shadows

correct answer: yeti pee

score x (out of ten) 8/10
Score Y (out of ten) 8/10
Score Z (out of ten) 7/10
Total Score 23/30
Average Score 7.67

Team Two

team's answer: all abilities

correct answer: all abilities

score x (out of ten) 9.5/10
Score Y (out of ten) 9/10
Score Z (out of ten) 8.5/10
Total Score 27/30
Average Score 8.83

For those in group two, roleplay has begun! Good luck on getting the right answer!

Click here to view the second group's teams and members [for reference].

G R O U P #2

Team #1 Team #2 Team #3
Mayuri Spalding Serena Evers Diego Martins
Aya Edain Carmen Joyce Jaxon Novak
Briana Atickon Stara Lee Elsye Dale

  • Join the new discord by clicking the "Connect" button on the wiki side-rail!
  • Enroll your character in Foxfire!
  • Team #2 won the last maze roleplay, and group two is still going for the prize!


The Administration Team

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