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    Hello so if anyone wants to join this just leave a comment, so basically it's a book club for Keeper or other books. Admins for the book club basically are in charge of finding a date, time, and helping arrange everybody. Contact and admin to find out the book or to suggest a book or to join. Usually there will be 3-5 admins, but that number could change depending on how popular this gets.

    So contanct me if you want to join


    will be listed on official page

    GIVE A NICKNAME WHEN ASKING The link to official page

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    Syponsis Clove, Jacqueline, Amelia, and Carrie Watson had never been normal girls to the elvin world. Clove never went to school and lived and partially lived in the forests hunting for creatures to save. Amelia and Carrie were twins, but where told to never tell anyone so their parents wouldn't be ashamed of them and themselves. Then Jacqueline was the only one in the family who hadn't manifested; Clove was a Astrokinetic and a telepath, Amelia was a Phaser, and Carrie a shade. That all changed one day in school when Jac passed out during an Algebra 1 disscussion.


    When Jacqueline awoke she was in the hospital, with a terrible headache. "Urghh," groaned Jac. "Jacqueline, you manifested, whispered Linh Watson. The daughter of Biana and Tam…

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    Me:Hello and welcome book-huggers, nerds, and those wierd normal people who aren't obssed with books alike. So let's get these interviews started, shall we?

    Interview with Keefe Sencen

    me:Hello, Mr. Sencen.

    Keefe:Please don't call me that, call me Mr.Foster

    • Camera turns to a red, fuming Sophie, then turns back*

    me:So what do you think about the rising population in the human world, where a very small percentile might be elvin?

    Keefe:Um well that's not my thing, that's more of a Dex question

    • Me rolling my eyes; NEXT*

    IIInterview with Tam Song

    Me:Hello, Bangs Boy?

    Tam:Why did you call me that?

    Me:It's what it says on the card you filled out.

    Tam:One second

    • Calmly walks off stage towards audience and punches Keefe in the nose*

    Tam:Now where were we?

    Me:How …

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    It was the night of Clara Sanchez's Winnowing Gala. She hoped Chester Sencen would be able to attend. Her sisters Samantha and Luna told her the Winnowing Gala is extremly important and it's where they met their soulmates. For her eldest sister, Samantha had met her soulmate Liam Vacker at her gala; while Luna had met Percy Dizznee. 

    Bria Foster wished she could become invisible no one ever noticed or cared about her really more her mom Sophie Foster, and dad Fitzroy Vacker. When she ran away to find a place she does belong she finds the human world

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    October 28, 2018 by Life and Literature

    So I don't know really how to add fanfiction so I'm writing mine on a blog post


    The sun was eluminating the sky making it almost impossible to see the pale but yet fluffy clouds. Sophie was sitting under the magnificent panakakes tree letting the flowers on branches flow around and frame her face. She was at peace, something she knew would never last for long. A teal-eyed boy came up and sat next to her.

    "Go away Fitz, I don't want to talk about it," said Sophie shoving him away, hard. 

    "I'm not here to talk about your packet, I'm here for something else."

    "What is it," shot Sophie.

    "Choose Keefe," he replied

    "Wait, what?,"

    "I know he was your number one, and you were his. I was like your 2nd or 3rd, and you were my first. Biana saw it and…

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