Hey everyone! Mallowmelt and I have been working on a storyline for about a month or two, and it's finally ready!! Well, almost. The characters are in the process of being approved right now. When they are approved, we'll start signups. In order to sign up, you must contact either me on my wall or contact Mallowmelt on her wall. Then, once every spot is filled, and everyone has a WB, we will start. If you have any questions, please contact us on our walls, or comment down below!

This story is about to famous people who dated when they were a bit younger then they are now. They'd been dating for a few months, when they got in a huge argument. That argument started the Rivalry between the boys and girls. Both of the leaders of the group's dragged others in, and tried to be the top group. None of them have succeeded yet.


Ayden Carmen: Crystal

Adele Carmen: Marsh

Lani Cain: Z

Alex Hays: (OPEN)

Miles Blair: (OPEN)

Shalva Clark: (OPEN)

Ralph White: (OPEN)

Mia Flair:  Sofia

Making the templates is something that either you can do, or We can. It's up to you.

Have a nice day!

Mallowmelt and Crystal

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