This is just some random story that happened. lol. Anyway I was in my school's locker room changing and I just happened to glance at the lost and found. I saw Sophie's face and so I looked closer and it turns out that Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile was there! And it wasn't just any random copy of Exile! It was one of those copies that is given before the release date of the actual book! (i forgot what those are called but I'll probably remember later). The book was in pretty good condition (sadly not hardcover). It's been like two weeks since I saw it and it's STILL there. Not only whoever the owner was lost it! BUT THEY STILL HAVEN'T FOUND IT!!! (and who knows it could have been there for longer than two weeks because it was pretty dusty). If the stuff from the lost and found isn't claimed the coaches throw it away or keep some of the stuff in their office at the end of the year! The book isn't mine but I would feel so bad if it got thrown away! I don't know what I should do if the book is still there at the end of the school year. What would you do? 

Sorry for any spelling, grammar, or any mistakes made. This was written in a rush :P

Till next time friends!

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