Name: Matthew Lanes

Parents: Charlie and Miranda Lanes

Gaurdians: None

Siblings: Aaron Lanes, age 17; Sage Lanes, age 12

Ability: Froster

Hieght: 5"6

Age: 15

Hair Color: Blond

Eye Color: Royal Blue

Personality: Matthew is a fiesty boy, always ready to fight for what is right. He can also be very protective of his younger brother and sometimes his older brother too, and anyone else important to him. He is very witty with a sense of humor and can put a smile on anyone's face when needed. He is very stubborn, and refuses to run away from a fight. Matthew is also constantly getting into trouble and giving hmslef various injuries. (If you've ever read the Ascedance Trilogy, he's just like Jaron)

History: When Matthew was about 10 years old, a bunch of Neverseen agents raided his house, looking for some information that his father possesed. Matthew's older brother, Aaron got captured during this raid. Now, they don't even know if he's alive, or if the Neverseen are keeping him for information. But Matthew, despite his parents pleads, has made it his life's goal to find Aaron--and to protect Sage while doing it.


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