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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Okay, guys! So this has been a WIP idea for a while, and the Admin team is finally happy to present...a Bramble Tournament! Here there will be multiple games of Bramble by players you create as roleplay accounts to see who comes out victorious! This blog explains all you need to know.

    Here are the rough rules Bea and I worked out. Keep in mind not all of this is canon because little is known about the sport! We used what we knew and formed it into something (hopefully) fun!

    There is an RP character throwing the boomerang-like ball and the same player has to catch the ball when it comes back. The player being thrown at has to dodge it, and depending on how they dodge it, (jumping, moving, ducking, etc.) they earn points. So the number of poin…

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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Ok, so Foxfire has been on vacation for some time and we have decided to open up the admission for Foxfire for a week, where any RP students can join for the continuation of the year. These are the current students, listed below:

    • Caradoc Kwelv - 16 Years
    • Maya Dawnslayer - 16 years
    • Kara Hawkefire - 16 years
    • Calla Foster - 15 years
    • Abben Song - 16 years
    • Kenric Foster - 16 years
    • Ardelle Song - 15 years
    • Syd Foster - 14 years
    • Maximus Gaunt - 16 Years
    • Cov Rue -15 years
    • Katrina Trenen - 15
    • Jaelyn Redek - 14 years old
    • Benjamin Winter - 14 years old
    • Lilith Pellawon-16 years old
    • Austin Di Angelo - 18 Years Old
    • Avalon Ruewen- 16 Years Old
    • Mark Ruewen- 17 1/2 Years Old
    • Freya Dawson - 16 Years Old
    • Mason Frostcliff - 17 Years Old
    • Jackson Dawnslayer - 17 Years Old
    • Lagoona Gr…
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  • HadesAlpha1629
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  • HadesAlpha1629

    I just wanted to celebrate for one very small moment and say that I have finally gotten 2,000 edits! The amount of effort that you guys put into this wiki is so amazing! I want to thank you all for working so hard. Within last weekend, our wiki as a whole performed over 3,000 edits! Isn't that CRAZY? Edit scored are rising, and OI'm so proud of every single one of you. Bea recently reached 1,000 edits, and many others are headed that way too! Congrats Bea! I hope everyone has a wonderful day and keeps being awesome!

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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Word Bubbles

    May 20, 2018 by HadesAlpha1629

    I had a previous blog on this page describing how to make a word bubble, which is now actually a common RP method, because the template was revised into a better, more refined, non-glitchy, easier-to-use, less-cluttered version. Below is an example of the template being used. If you want to make one but do not know how, please contact a user that has their word bubbles for their characters already made.

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