Hey there all! This is just going to be a small blog post, but I think it's needed. With all the redos being done on the RP feature, many new templates are being created. So many, in fact, it may be easy to lose track. So I encourage you to add the following categories to templates you have created or help make. Remember to add the < noinclude > tag (without the spaces used) before adding the category or the category will be put on every page the template is used!

RP Templates: Please just add this category to all RP-related templates, it will be much appreciated!

WB Templates: Please add this category to any word bubble templates!

CP Templates: Please add this category to any character page template.

More categories may be added to this list soon.

Thank you for your cooperation,

~🍌BANANAZILLA🍌~ 17:51, October 20, 2018 (UTC)

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