Hey there guys! So I just made a new character, Kayla Brookshire. You can go check out her page if you want. Anyway, she's a singer, songwriter, and musician, she's been in a band for a few years now. I think it would be fun if you guys had some characters that could be in that band and we could RP it. If you have any characters you think would be good, or want to make one for this purpose, please link their pages down below in the comments. Only one character in the band per user. I was thinking we have 4-5 members in the band, with maybe a drummer, guitarist, pianist, singer. Again, if you have a character with one of those talents, or multiple of them, or are going to make one soon, please link them down below before the sign ups close! Make sure to list what they do in music (sing, play instrument). If you have any questions feel free to ask me on the blog or on my wall.




Preston - Kayla Brookshire - Singer, Pianist

Rida - Archer Dallas - Drummer

Bea - Calla Foster - Singer

Betsy - Paris Marey - Singer

Crystal - Evie Lorenzo - Guitarist, Pianist, Singer

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