I didn't know if there was already a blog or list, but I figured I would make one that was up-to-date with character pages and WB templates. If you are an admin feel free to add onto the lists if new ones are made or I forgot one (which will probably happen).

Character Pages

Template:Sophie's Cinematic Remaster (example: Demelza Auditore)
Template:BananaNew (example: Juliette Vale
Template:BananaNew3 (example: Zayn Clement)


Template:WB2 (example: Template:ZaynWB)
Template:WBTemplate (example: Template:EvieN)
Template:RPCom (example: Template:GryphonWB)

I probably forgot a ton, I'm sorry we still need to work on getting all of the templates' categories organized! If you know another, either comment it down below or add it on!


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