Okay, guys! So this has been a WIP idea for a while, and the Admin team is finally happy to present...a Bramble Tournament! Here there will be multiple games of Bramble by players you create as roleplay accounts to see who comes out victorious! This blog explains all you need to know.

How Bramble Is Played

Here are the rough rules Bea and I worked out. Keep in mind not all of this is canon because little is known about the sport! We used what we knew and formed it into something (hopefully) fun!


There is an RP character throwing the boomerang-like ball and the same player has to catch the ball when it comes back. The player being thrown at has to dodge it, and depending on how they dodge it, (jumping, moving, ducking, etc.) they earn points. So the number of points they get will determine their score. Then the two players switch roles after a certain amount of time, so the one throwing in now dodging, vice versa. By the end of it, whoever has the most points wins. How you get out would be if you get hit by the ball, or you catch it if you're the dodger or miss it if you're the thrower. This can also extend in rounds, so whoever wins three rounds is the champion. If there is a tie, the game would be extended.


Judging has been a difficult thing because we want to make it a fair game for everyone to play. So there will be a few judges awarding points and adding it to the scoreboard. No judge can add points for their own player.

The Judges are yet to be decided. Please suggest good judges!

Entering Character

How Many Characters You Can Enter

You can enter two characters maximum, each over 16 years of age. If someone does not follow this rule, their character will be taken out of contention.

How Do I Enter Characters

Link your character and their name down below, and their age and they will be entered. This is no joke, once you are entered, you are entered, there is no backing out because you don't want to. The brackets and matches will be made shortly after all contestants have been entered.

When Do I Need To Enter My Players By

The time of the tournament is unknown, but try to enter your character sometime in the next two weeks, to avoid possible late admission, This time frame will be extended if the tournament still is not ready by two weeks.

If you have any questions, please contact either me or Bea! Thank you!

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