Hey guys! So I realize I've been inactive for the last week or two, only making a few edits if any. I really apologize for not being on as much as has just been super busy with school and other stuff in life that's been way too hectic for my liking.

I just wanted to let you guys know I should be a little bit more active in the following weeks after my school's Winter Break, but I can't make any promises. It's really sad for me, not being on the wiki, but I really can't find the time to be on as much as I was previously.

Feel free to message me on my wall. I try to check it once a day and respond to any new messages I get.

I just felt like I needed to make this blog post to address my recent inactivity, I guess to clear up any confusion about it and announce that the inactivity will continue for the next week or two unfortunately.

Wishing the best,


"Love can sometimes be magic. But sometimes magic is just an illusion."

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