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  • HadesAlpha1629

    I've been pondering this for a while, but have never gotten the blog out there. I've been super inactive over the past month, and I can't stop lying to myself and saying I'll find a time to come on. Because, I quite honestly can't find the time to anymore. It brings me a lot of sadness to leave, but I kind of have to. I'll be stepping down from the administration team, since I don't think it's fair if I have those rights but are inactive. I might come back, I'm not sure, but I probably won't. I'm super sorry everyone!

    Update: Turns out I was already demoted anyway. That makes it easier lol.

    Best wishes to everyone!

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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Hey guys! So I realize I've been inactive for the last week or two, only making a few edits if any. I really apologize for not being on as much as has just been super busy with school and other stuff in life that's been way too hectic for my liking.

    I just wanted to let you guys know I should be a little bit more active in the following weeks after my school's Winter Break, but I can't make any promises. It's really sad for me, not being on the wiki, but I really can't find the time to be on as much as I was previously.

    Feel free to message me on my wall. I try to check it once a day and respond to any new messages I get.

    I just felt like I needed to make this blog post to address my recent inactivity, I guess to clear up any con…

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  • HadesAlpha1629

    I didn't know if there was already a blog or list, but I figured I would make one that was up-to-date with character pages and WB templates. If you are an admin feel free to add onto the lists if new ones are made or I forgot one (which will probably happen).

    Template:Sophie's Cinematic Remaster (example: Demelza Auditore)
    Template:BananaNew (example: Juliette Vale
    Template:BananaNew3 (example: Zayn Clement)

    Template:WB2 (example: Template:ZaynWB)
    Template:WBTemplate (example: Template:EvieN)
    Template:RPCom (example: Template:GryphonWB)

    I probably forgot a ton, I'm sorry we still need to work on getting all of the templates' categories organized! If you know another, either comment it down below or add it on!


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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Hey there all! This is just going to be a small blog post, but I think it's needed. With all the redos being done on the RP feature, many new templates are being created. So many, in fact, it may be easy to lose track. So I encourage you to add the following categories to templates you have created or help make. Remember to add the < noinclude > tag (without the spaces used) before adding the category or the category will be put on every page the template is used!

    RP Templates: Please just add this category to all RP-related templates, it will be much appreciated!

    WB Templates: Please add this category to any word bubble templates!

    CP Templates: Please add this category to any character page template.

    More categories may be added to this list soo…

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  • HadesAlpha1629

    Kayla Brookshire's Band

    September 23, 2018 by HadesAlpha1629

    Hey there guys! So I just made a new character, Kayla Brookshire. You can go check out her page if you want. Anyway, she's a singer, songwriter, and musician, she's been in a band for a few years now. I think it would be fun if you guys had some characters that could be in that band and we could RP it. If you have any characters you think would be good, or want to make one for this purpose, please link their pages down below in the comments. Only one character in the band per user. I was thinking we have 4-5 members in the band, with maybe a drummer, guitarist, pianist, singer. Again, if you have a character with one of those talents, or multiple of them, or are going to make one soon, please link them down below before the sign ups close!…

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