Hello all,

As you may have seen, the admins on this wiki have been working on furnishing the place to get ready for expansion. We should have everything ready in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, please take note of the following.

Fan Fiction

  • Fan fictions that have not been edited in over a year will have an archive template at the top, and they will be in the categories "Archived Fanfiction" and "Archived Page." If you have edited your fan fiction within the last year but don't plan on continuing it, you may request that it be archived.
  • Non-archived fan fictions will receive either the "Ongoing Fanfiction" category or the "Completed Fanfiction" category.
  • Fanfictions that are less than 100 words and have not been edited in the last 6 months will be marked for deletion. If you have such a fanfiction and would like to keep working on it, please message an admin so that it won't be deleted.
  • If your fanfiction has currently been archived and you would like to keep working on it, simply remove the template and switch your fanfiction's categories from "Archived Fanfiction" and "Archived Page" to "Ongoing Fanfiction."

Fan Art

  • Add your own fan art, not other people's. We will be removing fan art that is by people who are not on the wiki.


  • Character Approval will still move along as is, though it will be changing to a shortened version that is much easier to fill out.
  • Foxfire Academy is not up and running yet, so please do not create any new foxfire applications.
  • Do not roleplay on page that have a template that signifies that it is marked for deletion (or are in the category "Marked For Deletion").
  • If a user is marked as "Inactive" then their roleplay characters' pages will be archived.
    • They will be deleted if there is nothing on them and the user is inactive.


  • You may keep adding theories to pages: nothing about this department will change much.
  • The debates sector of this department will be ready soon, but don't try debating just yet. For now, if you would like to start a debate, use Discuss or message wall.
  • Expect to see some new competitions involving fan fiction and fan art coming up in the next few weeks.

Please expect to see many more announcements regarding changes in policies and overall wiki structure in the coming weeks.


The Administration Team

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