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[✨] i made a new kam ( keefe + tam ) fanfic called cornelia street!  check it out! it includes some fedex too, jsyk! <3 here's a sneak peak at it!


Keefe had always had his eyes set out for Sophie Foster. After all, who wouldn’t? Her beautiful blonde hair, her unique brown eyes, her serious, yet loving personality. But things changed when his ex-best friend Fitz Vacker, the perfect golden boy that everyone loved, started hitting on her too. And even worse, it ruined their friendship. Something that Keefe needed. And however hard he tried, he couldn't come out of his shell of bottled up emotions, traumas of his past, and random feelings he tried to deny at all costs, to steal Sophie, for it seemed like she loved Keefe as “just a friend” not something more.

You could say it was Tam’s fault he didn’t have friends, or people he could rely on. But it’s not. He just never knew how to make them. It was easier, faking your feelings, pretending you’re just the mean, teasing side. But he didn’t want to get broken. Broken with fear at the ones he loved. He could never take it when Linh got hurt. And though he was afraid to admit it, he was scared of loving people ever again. He was scared of them betraying him, turning their backs and walking away. With his parents, trusting was hard. Especially when he became a shade. The world slowly turned from black and what to a thousand different colors of gray. But everyone does need someone in the end.

Both Tam and Keefe absolutely despise each other...so they think. But when Keefe needs help with searching his memory for more pieces of the past, he reluctantly turns to Tam Song, as Sophie suggests. Days go by, and the more they spend with each other, the more they fall. But love isn’t that simple.

[✨] thank u for reading! <3

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