Love is love, identity is identity, and accept who you are![1]

I believe that love is love, so humans need to accept love as love, and gender identity as something normal. I ship Fitz with Dex and Sophie with Linh, and I've noticed that some people have been really rude about it, so I'd just like to say why. It doesn't matter if someone is male, or female, or even nonbinary. What if someone was born a girl, but feels more like a boy? Should they be allowed to change? Yes! It's their choice whether they're male or female or neither or both. Sometimes, someone is a girl one day, then a boy the next. Should you be allowed to love a girl if you are a girl? Should you be allowed to love a nonbinary if you are a boy? Anything is possible, so don't say anything unless it's positive. I'm currently undecided/questioning, but I could turn out to like anyone, or be anything that I want. It's not fair to be prejudiced for who you are. Same with racism. You can't change the color of your skin. Same with sexism. You can't change if you are a girl and you feel like one. You can't change your feelings.

Thank you for reading my rant.

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