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  • I live in Alberta, Canada
  • I was born on June 2
  • My occupation is Anything K-pop related, I'm your girl.
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  • Bio K-pop and books. Enough has been said.
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    January 5, 2019 by Book Beliefs

    I think the title is pretty self explanatory. But before leaving you all with one final Bea speech, I'd like to say that you will still see me around. You'll see me on Discord, the other Keeper wiki, and I'll update Linked and answer comments.

    Now, onto the other stuff.

    In the months that I have been here, I have experienced so many things and met so many people. I progressed through the roles, and I talked so many amazing users. I can safely say that this place was something I cherished for so many months.

    However, there comes a time where each one of us will leave, and with that, we must remember what our focus is. I right now have too many other things to focus on to be here actively. Along with that, this place has changed a lot. I wish I…

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  • Book Beliefs

    Hi guys! Welcomes to the first lesson of HTG. Here, we are going to learn how to create a simple cover. As you know, there are tons of types of covers out there. However, those advanced covers can not be made if you don’t have a foundation. This simple, straightforward cover will start building your foundation. What I classify as a simple cover is following a template without making any custom changes.

    That looks like this:

    So before you go off and feed all your graphic design needs with whatever, you’ll need a few things. The first thing being stuff to make your cover on.

    For this cover, I used Canva for the most part. This software can be accessed on a Computer, Ipad, and Android devices.

    The cover I’m showing how to do is:


    Canva gives you a…

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    How To Graphic Design

    November 23, 2018 by Book Beliefs

    Hey guys! Recently, I have been going through a lot of fanfictions and roleplay pages, only to notice that a lot of these elements don't have graphics! Of course, you could always go and ask someone to create a graphic for you, but wouldn't you feel more proud if you made it yourself?

    This is why I am starting a series for teaching how to create diffrent types of graphic design. Whether you have never done any of these things, or you do this for others, this place is open to everyone!

    Through this series, I will show you how to create an abundance of elements, from name graphics to magazines. You'll learn everything you need to know! I'll show you all the small tricks that end up making your end product 100 times better! I'll even include pi…

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    Cover Shop

    October 15, 2018 by Book Beliefs


    So as you can see, I have started a cover shop! This means that I take in requests then make the covers. Thank you all of you who praised my covers and inspired me to do this. It really was motivating.

    So before I get in-depth, I would like to explain. The purpose of this cover shop is to create covers for fan fictions and mood boards for characters, stories, and storylines. However, if you ask for a special request on something else, I will probably not decline. For those of you who don’t know what a mood board is, just scroll down and you’ll see! If you would like any of these, just leave me a message on my wall, or post a comment!

    It generally takes me 1-3 days to complete them. However, this can differ depending on the number of…

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  • Book Beliefs

    Roleplay Ban

    October 12, 2018 by Book Beliefs

    Due to recent developments, the roleplay feature will be closed. Until further notice, we ask all users to not do anything that remotely relates to roleplay until we have fixed the problem.

    All character pages will have to be deleted and removed. We are extremely sorry for the inconvenience, but we are currently creating new pages to replace the old ones. We ask that you stick to the other features of this wiki like Fanfiction and Fanart until we send out a notice saying you can begin to roleplay again.

    If you see someone roleplaying, please inform Book Beliefs, Rizi213, or Izilia the Pryokinetic.

    Again, we are extremely sorry for the inconvenience. This is problem that must be tackled right away. While we do understand that it has a major ef…

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