Dear Everyone,

Hello ya'll! (Lol I'm obsesed with saying that...) So as Suldreen and a bunch of other people now I a new wiki called the More to Project Moonlark Wiki (Yes. It does have to do with KotLC). It is a super fun wiki with a bunch of teams and debates on characters, ships and all that good stuff. It is also is in need of admins! Only me and Suldreen are admins so far and ya cant run a wiki without admins! So come to  and have some fun! Btw this is also why I've been a tinsey winsey bit inactive because I've been trying to get that and my other wiki (More on that later...) up and running. BUT I'M NOT INACTIVE YET!!!!!! YOU CANT GET RID OF ME THAT EASILY!!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! 

Hemm.. Hemmm... Now that all the evil parts of me are out of my sistem I can go on. 

So basically I have another wiki called the Writers Block Wiki that is also amazing but has nothing to do with KotLC. Sorta... So that wiki is all about writing and sharing stories (fanfic's or not) that we write ourselves. It is an amazing wiki and helps people inprove their stories and motivates people to not give up on their writing. It does allow fanfic's and stories that have nothing to do with a book. This wiki is also in desprate need of admins, so please help me with that. I'm also focusing on getting this wiki up and running, so bear with me people!

So I'd love it you guys joined or just checked these wiki's out, hopefully expanding them or making them better. Thanks!

Your fellow FANDOM friend, 

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