Years ago, Quinlin and Livvy had three kids, all different ages. One is now 18, another 16 and the youngest, 4. They all had a rare detail about them, they were albino... One, Hallelujah, was sent to the Forbbiden Cities. No one knows why... The other two were abandoned in the forest and live in a small cottage only a few people know about.

Heavenly Doe:

Roleplayed by: Crystal

Heavenly is the oldest child in the family and takes care of her younger sister, Hanukkah. She has pale skin and white shoulder length hair. She is 18 and has faded blue eyes. She is very overprotective of Hanukkah and has no idea that Hallelujah exists. Heavenly never cracks jokes and can be living and caring with the people she knows and loves but will be serious with people she doesn't know or just met. Her abilities are a Shade and a Flasher.

Model: Recomended;

Hallelujah Weston:

Roleplayed by: Betsy

Hanukkah Doe:

Roleplayed by: Bea

Hanukkah is the youngest in the family. At age 4 she lives with her older sister, Hevenly. She is very kind and playful, the perfect mix of both her siblings. She has long white hair and light lavender eyes. She hates people who ignore her, or are rude and loves people who are nice and feel for her.

Model: Recommended:

Aaron Florgide

Roleplayed by: Rida

Aaron is currently housing Hallelujah (until she finishes building her house) at the age 17. He is a kind, caring boy who loves cracking jokes, but would do anything to keep Hallelujah safe. He has brown hair and sparkling dark blue eyes.

Model: None

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