Dear Everyone, 

As like none of you know unless youve read my profile page (Wich ligit no one does...) you now that I have three guppy triplets named Bex, Rex and Lex. Sadly, last weekend my poor fish, Rex, died. HE IS NOW RECENTLY DESEASED PEOPLE! (Thats not spelled right but whatever) I love saying that since I watched Beetle Juice... 


Okay, so the sadness is not to strong but whatever. I'M ACTUALLY SUPER SAD BUT I'M PULLING A KEEFE MOVE! 

So here is my ode to Rex...

My dear Rex,

You are a wonderful fish and I know your siblings and I miss you so very much.

You were always the calm fish.

When Bex and Lex would run around you would just float by the top of the water, waiting for food.

 And thats why I will miss you my fish.

Goodbye and Goodnight.

Have a good time in the fish-afterlife.

This was Rex's Funeral.

Your very very very sad friend, 

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