Hi guys!

Umm...let's just cut to the chase. I'm leaving. No, no. Not permanently! Just a few weeks. I need to take a break, I'm adjusting to Florida, a new school, and the wiki is becoming stressful.

Foxfire Wiki will still be active, so you can still edit it, just contact one of it's admins first. Both my fanfics will be on hold. So will my rps.

No. I will nor be answering any messages on my wall, but I will be looking at the wiki to see updates on the books and I'll probably still read fanfics, cause y'all are amazing!

Now for the personal leaving messages *sobs inside*: Z- YOU ARE AMAZING. You made my life such a happy place, thank you! I love just talking to you and having conversations. You are simply amazing, Zoo.

Candy- how you aren't annoyed at me for the amount of covers and orders I've requested, I will never know. But hey, that's a good thing! BAIIII MEEP

Eva- although I haven't talked a whole bunch to you, you have helped me through a tough time and that's all that matters. Thanks!

All the Art Club members- for bearing with me

Crystal- for being so helpful:)

Sorry if you weren't on the list, I was getting bored lol :)

K anyways BAIIII!!!


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