Chapter 1

Tam POV: 


           “NO! I am not kissing a Vacker” I said. I was not going to expose my feelings for Fitz IN FRONT of everyone! I mean he was just dating Sophie there was no way that Fitz was gay no way that he like me a stupid shade who joined the stupid neverseen who has a stupid name and a stupid FAMLY! Oh no...Keefe must have felt my mood swing because he just smirked at me and said “ What’s wrong Tammy Boy? To chicken?” and just started making chicken noises. Oh god no he did not! Even Lihn looked surprised she knows I CANNOT be called chicken or else they would pay. I replied “ What are you jealous of Fitz getting a kiss from me and you don’t?” I said with an awesome smirk and made kissy noises. “NO! Why would I be jealous or wait- oooooh I see ok” he said with a smirk so I entered his mind and said “You tell Fitz and I swear you will PAY” Keefe then responded “ Don't worry I may not like you but I would never sink that low..unless I have to” “ Thank you but this does NOT mean we are friends” “ Yup noted” then I severed the connection. Then I said “ Ok...Fitz let’s go to your room.” 

  Fitz POV:

          Did Tam song say he was going to kiss me?! I mean sure they were playing a game Keefe called “ Make out sesh for 7” but still Tam couldn’t like me he said so himself and I quote ‘NO! I am NOT kissing a Vacker’ so he couldn’t so I tried to transmit to him asking him. “ Hey Tam, do you like me?” I braced for the worst but then he responded “ If you want me to I would” My heart skipped several beats and i’m sure he felt it as for we were heading upstairs to my room and he took my wrist (not wanting the other’s to see our hands intertwined) and then when we got to my room he said “ Hey I was still in your mind when you were mentally speaking with yourself it was cute” I started blushing and he just laughed oh what a beautiful noise. “So are you going me?” I said and he playfully poked my side and said “what was that wonderboy?” I then repeated it and he flushed a bright pink and said “ I- um… uh I- uh do you want to...I mean.. Wait what?” Then it was my turn to laugh as I said “ You know what I want” between laughs. He then decided to say “ Oh, I think I do” and leaned in closer and…. Kissed me omg TAM KISSED ME!!! I felt like squealing like Biana does but instead I kissed him back and we both blushed and then stopped. I was upset it was over but asked “How was it?” with my most playful smirk. And then Keefe busted in and said “ Ok I know you kissed don’t even lie and 1. They are waiting and 2. You guys have been up here for 2 hours everything ok?” wait- “Did you say 2 hours?” I asked “Ya..lemme guess you thought it was like 10 minutes? Well look around you, you guys look awful you’ve been kissing this whole time and fix your hair if you don't want them to know and also I won’t tell your my best friend Fitz so unless you want me to” he zipped his lips closed.

                    Chapter 2

Keefe POV: 

         As Tam and Fitz headed up the stairs and went right past me and  I felt every.single.emotion they were feeling and the most and biggest one they were feeling was love. I needed to investigate so as soon as they slammed the door I said “ Hey guys, I felt some pretty intense emotions going on when they walked past me.” I said with a smirk. Sophie started to say something but then closed her mouth. I then said “ Imma go up there and spy on them ok no if’s, and’s, or but’s got it?” I waited until they all nodded. I then went up the stairs and to Fitz’s room and opened the door a crack and THEY WERE ALREADY MAKING OUT for pete's sake they had only been up there for like 5 minutes! I then decided to play with them and waited until after Fitz took Tam’s shirt off and started to untuck his shirt and (I didn’t want to see anymore) but then Foster’s voice filled my mind saying “What are they doing and what are you doing?” I didn’t want her to see what I saw so I thought “ Hey Foster what are you doing in my head hmmm?” she was startled and I heard her say “ I just want to know if they are ok I mean- I uh I honestly don’t know but I thought that if you wanted to see I would come so I did I am right behind you but I still feel terrible about it and Oh gosh I’m just rambling on and on and you're probably sick of it so I’m just going to shut up now.”  “Hey, Foster, don't do that, come on, it's cute.” I insisted but she didn’t believe me so I took her over to Biana’s room and sat on her bed and told Foster to sit next to me. And then I started to talk…. “Sophie Elizabeth Foster…..” I started and she freaked out and said “WHAT’S WRONG WHO IS HURT WHAT DID YOU DO???” “Whoa jeez Foster don’t freak out on me now the fun just began and nothing is wrong I just thought that since I am your #3 and your my #1 I just thought I don’t know that it was time to stop being a wimp and uhhh this is weird to talk about….” “Keefe” she pleaded “ I like you to… and was going to ask you the same thing when I was ‘Fostering’ it out there” she said with a smile “ I want you to be my date to the Solstice Gala and….to be your girlfriend.”  “Well hey someone had to speak up but if anyone asks I asked you to be my hopeful and you asked me to the Solstice Gala ok we said it at the same time and so none of us are wimps ok so we both came out and admitted it and you know what I have an idea.”  “what?” she said with a teasing eyebrow raised. “ You know how I’m the ‘host’ of our game and I choose random names from the hat well I can cheat! I can use my photographic memory and remember the one that says ‘Sophie and Keefe’ and then use telekinesis to pick it up and then you and I get 7 minutes in heaven with each other. Good Idea?” “Yes it most definitely is” then she kissed me so I kissed her back and now, well now it’s time to go trick Tam and Fitz...hehehe.

When I got back to their room I yelled they had been there 2 hours even though it was only 10 minutes. That got them moving and then they had the stupidest ‘approval’ from Alden and Della and I gotta say it was SAPPPPPY as crap!! But hey at least now I got Foster all to me. That sounded creepy but it wasn’t I swear.

                     2 years later

     Keefe POV(for the rest of the story so far):


I need to do this I just HAVE to, how else would I express myself to her? 


 Meanwhile I just kept mentally speaking to myself telling myself that Sophie felt the same. I mean we have been dating for 2 years so she loves me right? I just have to keep doing this until we get to Havenfeild. 

When we made it to Havenfeild and I went to speak to Grady and Edaline (although mostly Grady because me and him don’t get along very well.) Once I was inside Sophie was there too and so I went up to her and kissed her cheek and said I needed to speak to Grady and Edaline alone and she said ok and went upstairs and thus my conversation with the adults. “ Lord and Lady Ruewen-``Oh please Keefe call us Grady and Edaline we do not use formalities when we speak to you” Edaline said “Ok Grady and Edaline I have a very, very, very important question to ask you...May I marry your daughter?” I said very quickly so I wouldn’t chicken out and their response was not as surprised as Sophie’s was. The minute I said it she was headed  down the stairs to get some Ripple Nuts and Mallowmelt and caught me when I asked the question to the adults and she was in shock and she went up the stairs and my cheeks were probably as red as Iggy was and he was RED(Courtesy of Dex). I went to go after her when Grady spoke up and said “Yes, Keefe Sencen we give you our blessing to marry our daughter and I expect you to go up there and talk to her.” He said with the world's biggest sigh. I was so happy I hugged them both and promised to make it up to her. As I was heading up the stairs I was wondering why she had gone right up the stairs instead of talking to me? I got to her room and knocked on the door three times and said “ Hey…. Foster? Can I come in?” and the only reply I got was a squeal and a ‘You go Girl’ then the door flew open and she was in the world’s most beautiful gown and her hair done perfectly. 

 Here is the link to the dress, hair and ring (I didn’t want to describe it I am lazy)     

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“Wow” I breathed and she smiled and said “Come on in” I went inside and I sat on her desk chair. She went to her bed and said “So um...I heard what you said and the reason I went up the stairs is because 1. I had to get ready and look good for you and 2. I was going to um...ask you.” She said and I was so shocked and then I decided I would propose and got on one knee and said “Sophie Elizabeth Foster even though you knew this was coming I thought you know let’s get down on one knee and do this” I paused and took a deep breath and pulled out the ring and continued “ I love you with all of my heart always have always will and now is the time to know that I cannot call you Foster anymore because I am hoping you will be a Sencen...with me,I will care for you and be with you. You are my beginning and I want you to be my end. Sophie Elizabeth Foster, will you make me the most lucky man in the world and marry me?” I waited and waited until she went up in sobs and ran to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and said “Yes, Yes, Yes a million times YES I love you Keefe Sencen!!” and she put on the ring and I guess Grady had heard her crying and ran up the stairs and was yelling “WHATEVER YOU DID TO MY DAUGHTER YOU WILL PAY FOR MAKING HER LIFE MISERABLE!!” Then he burst through the door and said “HONEY! What’s wrong!?” and she explained what had happened and he started to rub his temples and said “Ok soooooo when is the wedding and- wait KEEFE SENCEN?!” I knew Grady would react like this so I was going to tell him but Vertiana decided to film everything and showed it to Grady and I sheepishly said “ Soooooo….want me to leave or can I take her out Lord Ruewen ?” I did formals because we don’t get along and didn’t know how he’d react without Edaline then he said “ No formalities Keefe because it looks like you are family but when is the wedding?”  “Grady we just got engaged I think we need some time to think” I said with a laugh and he said “Ok I will give you two…….4 weeks to get the date.” and with that I took her back to ‘The Shores of Solace’. 

     Back at ‘The Shores of Solace’ Ro waited on the swing painting her nails a light coral color(hey I have hung out with Biana for how many years 24 so ya I picked up a few things) “ hey, Lord Hunkyhair how’d it go with Blondie?” Ro asked and I replied “Why don’t you come see for yourself and get your butt over here!!” I shouted back and she looked mad for me saying that but she came over nonetheless and said “Ok Blondie let’s see you and the ring shall we?” Sophie came over from behind me in all her finery and said “ Looks like I won’t be a Foster anymore I’ll be a Sencen and does your father know about this?” then a big booming voice said “ Know about what?” and then as we turned around we saw my father Lord Cassius and then we realized he wanted an answer so I spoke up “ Well if you must know Fos- er Sophie and I are engaged and would much prefer that you keep your ‘necessary commentary’ to yourself because we don’t want to hear it” and started to walk off with Sophie but he stopped us and said “Well maybe if you hadn’t assumed things you would’ve known that I was going to say ‘Congratulations’ and would’ve also said ‘I wish the best for you’ but then again you don’t listen you rarely ever do.” Lord Cassius declared. We were in shock I mean my dad was never that nice, SERIOUSLY! It was weird he was never nice like EVER. “Hey dad why are you being nice all of a sudden? It’s really not like you.” I asked and he replied “Can I not be happy for my only son?” And I replied “No you may not because you never were and never will! Not until it’s not about you and your status then you may be nice until then forget it.” Then me and Sophie walked back into my room and sat on the bed. 

Sophie POV:

We headed to Keefe’s bedroom and I kept thinking ‘I am engaged...I AM ENGAGED TO KEEFE SENCEN!!!!’ and while this was my dream I was still freaked out and he probably felt it. I mean he feels all my emotions. “Hey, Keefe? Are my emotions bothering you?” I asked and he just burst out laughing like it was a punchline to this amazing joke and I became serious and said “KEEFE! AM I HURTING YOU WITH MY EMOTIONS?? I CARE ABOUT YOU I NEED TO KNOW THESE THINGS!!” and he became serious to and sat straighter and said “ Ok you want serious Keefe I don’t like but I will will do it just for know when I was in the coma well I know what my ‘Superpower’ is I can block my empathy and feel as much as I want from certain people so in case you're wondering which you are no I am not and no they are not got it?” I sighed and said “Why are we in your room? I thought we were going on a date?” I asked and he said “Do you not just want to hang out with me without Grady having us keep the door open and listening to everything we say?” he had a good point “ Ok what did you have in mind?” I said with a raised eyebrow and a giggle and he responded “ How about this?” he said with a sort of smoothness in his words and he leaned in and planted a long beautiful sweet kiss on my lips. He must’ve noticed my mood swing because he had leaned away to smile at me and came in for another and I kissed him back and then the beautiful moment was ruined because just then right then Lord Cassius had to come busting in with all of our friends and they all just stared in shock and I leaned away to address our friends and said “ what are you guys doing here?” speaking up because Keefe was somehow still shocked by what had happened and then out of his daze still not noticing our friends dramped an arm around my shoulders and kissed me one more time quick and light and then he noticed our friends and said “Hey guys wassap?” and then all of our friends and Lord Cassius had shared a look almost saying ‘who first?’ and then Fitz spoke up “Lady Gisela had escaped Exile..and said she will see you soon and at your wedding...when did you and Sophie become engaged?” Fitz asked but of course Keefe got all serious and worried and said “ I got engaged to Sophie about 20 minutes ago so she must be watching and she escaped exile because...because….I may have convinced the Council to let her out for a month under serious watch of Ro, Sandor, Grizel, Woltzer, and Louvise because we know we can trust them and she will be stuck in the apartment they stuck Alvar in.” Keefe said and I freaked out on him and first I slapped him and yelled “ KEEFE LAYVON(Made up middle name because we don’t know what it is) SENCEN YOU CANNOT ASK ME TO MARRY YOU AND THEN ADMIT TO LETTING THE WORLDS THIRD MOST DANGErOUS ELF OUT OF EXILE!!!!!!!! SERIOUSLY WHAT IN EXILE WERE YOU THINKING??” I yelled and everyone was shocked but not Keefe he was more than shocked he had a sort of emotional tint in his Ice Blue eyes something that could only be described as guilt the elves most dangerous emotion that could shatter their sanity and I quickly went into his mind to make sure it wasn’t broken and when it wasn’t I apologized and said “Keefe I love you but now that we are engaged we need to tell each other everything and even if we were just friends I would need you to do the same with not only me all of our friends...ok?” then Keefe looked at me with a smile-not a smirk but a real genuine Keefe Sencen smile and said “ Ya, I got you Fost- oh wait can’t call you Foster now can I?” He said with a playful smirk and tone causing me to tear up and then someone cleared their throat loud and said in an oddly crisp accent “Beautiful moment but we have to get going and me and Tam want to get our wedding going as well as our adoption certificates.” and everyone stared at them as if they were completely new people and then I spoke up asking “ Wait you guys are going to adopt?” Tam and Fitz started at each other and then intertwined hands and both said “Yes and then I said “Congrats but um they elves don’t really have adoption centers so how will you adopt?” and they both shared a look and then Tam said “ I- we were wondering if you would surrogate our child….as in you have a child for us” and then me and Keefe were shocked of course and Tam looked like he wanted to take it back but I ran up to him and said “ Yes me and Keefe will have your baby...though I’m not sure Grady will approve, but it’s not his choice it’s not like he will be the one carrying the baby so ya ok I will carry your child!” and then Keefe looked at me and said “You do know how to make one right? It’s not that simple and you're only 25 do you really want to ruin yourself now?” and he looked squirmy and then I realized me and Keefe will be making a baby. “Why don’t we go to Havenfeild and discuss this with Grady and Edaline...if that makes you feel better” and he nodded and I held my home crystal up to the light and let the feathers whisk us away.

Back at Havenfield:


“YOUR GOING TO WHAT!” Grady yelled for what had to be the millionth time. “Me and Keefe are going to have a baby together for Tam and Fitz so they can have a child. Do I need to spell it out for you?” I asked with obvious annoyance and Keefe said “ Awww isn’t she the sweetest?” and I gave him a very cute smirk and then went back to Grady and Edaline “ So what I am 25 and I am not even married but what is better being able to help your friends who want a kid but can’t cause they are gay or as you put it ‘ruining your body for not a good enough reason’ because if I remember I never said this was my child now did I?” Grady looked mad but Edaline looked like she understood and she was the one to recover quickly and said “ Ok you guys really want to have this baby?” and when we looked at each other and nodded she then continued “ Ok then you may have the baby but once it is born you will not hold it Tam and Fitz will because whoever they see first when they are born is who they believe is their parent ok?” and I nodded and said “ I think me and Keefe should get our own house..” “WhAt?” Grady said and I said “ Unless you want to hear the baby making?” I gestured and then Grady looked flushed and said “ Ya ya you go, you go get a house…” and then me and Keefe went to Lumeria to get our house.

        Later that day: 


        “What kind of house do you want Sophie? Big but bold or Small Family size or how about a normal house like the one Grady and Edaline have?” I asked and she looked like she was considering it but instead she said “ I want to have a kid with you after Tam and Fitz have theirs from us!” and I was shocked and it took me a while to comprehend what she was saying and she was looking happy but I could feel how scared she was and how much she also wanted the baby… “yes” was simply all I said. “Yes? REALLY!! Yes you said yes?! Oh my God thank you Keefe thank you! And to answer your question I want a Grady and Edaline house so we can have an Animal Preserve and a nice house big enough for at least one kid!!” 

     Later that day we bought a house and named it ‘Moonlark Legacy’ after both of our fates when we were younger and decided to embrace it and not toss it away because whether we liked it or not it was still our fate and that’s that. Me and Sophie went to Moonlark Legacy after a long day of baby shopping and then set up a nursery and let Tam and Fitz know that we would get on it as soon as possible and then we went to work. I went to the emissaries and Sophie went to the Black Swan for the day.


9 months later(Sophie and Keefe married)

“GET HER TO ELWIN NOW!” Keefe screamed at his Father who was just standing there like an idiot and then he just snapped out of it and ran for his imparter and yelled into the device “HAIL ELWIN!!!!”  

“What’s wrong Lord Cassius?” 

“Sophie is in labor!!!!” 

“Ok how far apart are the contractions?” 

“I don’t know!” 

“Can you check?”

“ Ummmm sure!” 

My father goes to check and comes back and says

“At least 5 minutes apart. Is that good or bad?”

                                                         ------Time skip 20minutes------

“Awww look at her she is beautiful isn’t she?” Fitz said

“Yes, yes she is” Tam said 

“What should we name her?” Fitz asked

“I don’t know but I have always liked…” Tam said

“Like what?” Fitz asked

“Well Amber has always been one of my favorites.” Tam said before blushing

“Amber is a beautiful name, Let’s name you Amber. How do you like that name?” Fitz asked the little baby in his arms.

“I love it daddy” Amber said

“Awwww” Both Tam and Fitz said at once.

“Sorry hate to interrupt you guys but uh without me and Foster you wouldn’t have that little girl in your arms...So why don’t you come to your uncle Keefe! And yes Tammy boy and Fitzy Poo me and Foster will be known as Auntie Sophie and Uncle Keefe got it?” 

“Keefe what are we going to do with you?” A woman on a bed said while laughing

“Foster Foster Foster I thought you ate the food I gave you?”
“Ha I have been avoiding sedatives for over 15 years I think I learned the smell of it so I wouldn’t take one by accident and I know you snuck some in the custard bursts so ya Keefe Layvon Sencen there's no hiding from me!!” Sophie yells at me

“Haha Foster but you need your rest so please sleep. For me” I said with my biggest cutest puppy dog eyes.

“She is not going to fall for that!” Tam says

“Well Foster always falls for it!” I say still with the puppy eyes

“No! I do not!” Sophie says

“Yes you do!” I say

“ I- uh- Fine I will sleep!” Sophie says with a scowl on her face

----------Time skip Sophie done sleeping back at Moonlark Legacy-----------

“Morning beautiful” a soft soothing voice said behind me and when I turned I found my loving Husband looking at me with his head rested on my shoulder

 “Hey, honey how did you sleep?” I asked 

“Oh fine other than the fact that you kept screaming in your sleep that you're pregnant”  


“Ok Ok! Jeez, calm down it’s probably nothing!”
“I am not going off of a ‘probably nothing’”

---------Keefe goes to the store gets test and comes back-------

“Here Miss Moodypants” I hand her the test and she grabs it and runs to the bathroom and turns on the shower because she just loves watching the waterfall shower with it’s multicolored water. She then comes out from the bathroom wearing one of my tunics and her expression unreadable but I chose to read her emotions and she is happy, scared, and feeling loved so must be good news, as she walked up to me she stood hands on her hip and threw something at me and just said “Read it” and so I did and it was.....

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